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[Exclusive] Destrage’s Gabriel Pignata Shares His Top 10 Zombie Movies!

Italian metal band Destrage, who recently signed to Metal Blade Records, have already made a name for themselves for their unique, wildly infectious sound. And now they’re gearing up to bring their music to the masses with their new studio album Are You Kidding Me? No, which will be released March 4th (pre-order here). Oh, and if you’re not convinced that you need to check them out, just watch the hilarious zombie-filled video for “My Green Neighbour” below!

To celebrate this upcoming release, bassist Gabriel Pignata has put together a list of his Top 10 Zombie Movies, which is full of some fantastic Italian classics but also some other gems. Check out this list below!

1 – The Last Man On Earth (1964 – Ubaldo Ragona)
Definitely my favourite when it come to zombies. The movie is 100% italian, only starring Vincent Price.
There are many ways to think about zombies, and this film delivers my exact vision about these monsters.
Add on top an amazing plot and a perfect interpretation.

2 – White Zombie (1932 – Victor Halperin)
THE zombie movie!!

3 – Zeder (1983 – Pupi Avati)
Splendid film by Pupi Avati, a compelling story floating between horror and sci-fi.

4 – I, Zombie (1998 – Andrew Parkinson)
Beautiful piece with a moving soundtrack and this poor guy rotting day after day.
You will feel like one of them, for once.

5 – … E Tu Vivrai Nel Terrore! L’aldilà – The Beyond (1981 – Lucio Fulci)
A real must, every time it ends you would watch it again from the very beginning.
The whole production and team is italian but the filming is in partly located in the in US.
The movie was also banned in some countries due to its cruelty.

6 – Pet Sematary (1989 – Mary Lambert/ based on the book by Stephen King)
Initially i was only lured by the soundtrack, featuring Ramones, but this is a film that makes its place in the heart.

7 – Zombi 2 – Flesheaters (1979 – Lucio Fulci)
The very first zombie movie by the master Lucio Fulci, in hot 1979.

8 – Zombie Holocaust (1980 – Marino Girolami)
And again, 1979 is a golden year for italian flesheaters.

9 – Paura Nella Città Dei Morti Viventi – City Of The Living Dead (1980 – Lucio Fulci)
It’s the first episode of the “Gates Of Hell” trilogy. If you want to know where The Beyond came from.

10 – Black Sheep (2006 – Jonathan King)
Zombie sheeps hailing from New Zealand… Genius!

I’d love to insert Cannibal Holocaust too, but technically it’s not a zombie film so it won’t make it to the list. If you watch to this Deodato’s masterpiece you will see how The Blair Witch Project invented nothing.
The film was banned right after its release and the director had to find an bring in front of the judge the actors who were believed to be killed for real in the making.
Talking realistic special effects…
Beside being a ground shaking horror this film-in-the-film is incredibly layered and displays a premature polemic against mass medias.

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