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Official ‘The Returned’ Image Gallery Resurrected

LevelFILM is preparing for the release of their zombie thriller The Returned – from Spanish genre producers Filmax – later this month.

Gearing up for the resurrection, we have an official image gallery from the Kris Holden-Reid, Emily Hampshire and Shawn Doyle starrer directed by Manuel Carballo. The thriller comes from the producers behind the [REC] franchise.

The Canadian-Spanish co-production between Ramaco Media and Filmax follows “a young couple hiding a long-held secret in a post-zombie world, where the infected live normal lives but their retroviral drug is running out.

US theatrical and day-and-date VOD release is set for February 14, 2014.



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  • dirtyghettok

    Oh yeah, forgot about this one. Glad to see it’s finally coming out. I always love any kind of twist on any genre’s that are being over done. Not to seem like I’m bitching (shut-up, I know I am). But look at every (95% of them) vampire(vampires rich, they hiss like a cat), werewolf (wild, can’t control themselves when they turn, clothes always rip off but somehow their pants and shorts come back on)or zombie (just look at Walking Dead, or any zombie flick) film/TV. Everyone keeps the same classic boring formula.

    Here’s an idea I had that may sound like crap, but I’m just throwing it out there. Since this is a zombie post, instead of making these zombies wild crazy cannibals that’ll kill everything in site. Why not try making them herbivores, but still crazy for grass, fruit, vegetables, anything mother nature. And I’ll go with a post apocalyptic scene, but these zombies also go by their heightened smell from eating everything so pure. So they travel by the wind, hence leading them to farms that are maybe big or just plane farmer small. And people aren’t necessarily protecting themselves so much as they’re protecting their gardens from zombies eating all their stock. I’d also make the zombies also fast but very sly, like a ninja, and some can even fight like that from again all the natural food they gorge themselves.

    As always, just whatev’s…

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