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[BD Review] First Thoughts On ‘Cabin Fever: Patient Zero’ Isn’t Pretty…

I strongly disliked Kaare Andrews’ feature directorial debut, Altitude, which is why I found myself hesitant to get behind Cabin fever: Patient Zero, which is allegedly already out(?) in some countries, with a UK and Canadian release coming this March.

Anyways, Bloody reader ‘Dominik’ writes in from Germany with the first ever review of the prequel to Eli Roth’s indie masterpiece in which a yacht full of young partygoers stumble upon a research facility. When symptoms of a flesh eating disease appear, the countdown is on to find help.

Sean Astin, Brando Eaton, Lydia Hearst, Gillian Murray, Ryan Donowho and Mitch Ryan star in the prequel that’s still seeking U.S. distribution. It’s truly bizarre that it’s already out overseas but not even announced here in the States? I hope you have an all region player – if you even want to see it after this review.


This is Dominik and I am writing in to Bloody Disgusting (the best horror website in the world) with my thoughts on the German release of the new Cabin Fever movie.

The worst thing about Cabin Fever: Patient Zero is the cast, which ruins the film’s believability. Not only are the main characters just poorly written, buy the scientists are wearing hilarious costumes and look to be no older than 22 years old. The government lets a bunch of kids run a top secret facility with a virus in containment? Not to mention they’re terrible at their jobs in containing it.

Even Sean Astin’s role as “patient zero” is wasted as he interacts with only a 20-year-old scientist with giant boobs and another teen doctor, while all the action takes place on the beach’s shore.

This is one of the worst horror movies I’ve seen in recent years mostly because it isn’t fun. It tells us audience members that it’s supposed to be a good time (like when a guy goes down on a girl and comes up with a mouth full of blood), but the directing and acting is tedium and nauseating. Cabin Fever: Patient Zero is boring, stupid, and awful.

The only redeeming factor to is the film’s outrageously bloody effects work that range from arms being pulled completely off, to faces being smashed to bits.

For a film wanting to reboot the franchise, they sure as hell found a way to infect it with a virus that rots from the inside out. Avoid Patient Zero before you become infected…with boredom.



  • NotEvenReal

    You can download the blu-ray rip of the film if you use a torrent site, I was actually considering about to watch it… Now I’m not so sure…

    • steve

      Well I work for Movies2Review and we reviewed the screener weeks ago and we have a completely different opinion than ‘Dominik’

      Our Review which people like Richard Roeper follow us and we are on the path of being the best in the world..
      Cabin Fever is back…Well 8 years ago we would of been pumped for this since the first one was such a brilliant film BUT we were only to be let down by the horrible sequel.
      I went into this as the 2nd one never happened I’m glad I did cause that is exactly what this movie wants. Cabin Fever Patient zero should of been the sequel, nothing will top the original movie and if you are going into this thinking that you will be setting yourself up for a disappointment. What Cabin Fever Patient Zero does is it brings you back before the original, they set this film up as the prequel to what went down with Shawn from Boy Meets World. The acting may not be fantastic but if you are going into a Cabin Fever movie to see some great acting once again you are setting yourself up for a let down. I actually thought Patient Zero was a pretty good film. Enough blood and guts from “sick” people to keep the cabin fever feel and they set this baby up for another film (already filmed) to continue the Cabin Fever story. We all know how bad Cabin Fever 2 was, It was stupid, it was lame and who the hell can have a cabin fever movie set at a prom! I enjoyed this movie for what it was, a low budget horror movie..
      I liked the story and I’m actually excited what the next Cabin Fever will be..
      3 stars (3 out of 5)

      • steve

        I see that most people here agree with me..
        That’s because Movies2Review is the best place anywhere to get honest movie reviews..
        Follow us at @Movies2review and we will never let you down.. Were not those NY POST smug critics who have the nerve to pretend some foreign indie movie from some foreign country is a master piece or some silent movie like the Artist was great…
        We tell you the truth. We review movies YOU the people actually will see or are eventually going to see one way or the other..

  • superchopper

    There have been official reviews for the movie from horror sites and magazines in German for weeks now. Most are pretty good. Just use google translate and check them out. I’d trust those more than some dude named “Dominik”.

  • To each his own, I suppose. I know we all can’t like the same films. But I strongly disagree 100% with this review. I watched it two nights ago and felt it to be the best film out of the series as a whole, with more than decent acting from characters I actually cared about. It was nauseatingly disgusting and this is a good thing – containing scenes that put the leg shaving of the first film completely to shame. It did drag slightly in bits, but it was quickly redeemed by the all out carnage. Loved it! 😀

    • KittysReaper

      I am right there behind you, I watched it last night and thought it was a lot better then the second one . Also for me it was fun and the acting wasn’t that bad, but again to each his own as you said. I found the movie good.

  • djblack1313

    i’m about to watch this today. i hope it’s at least a fun, gory ride. the trailer didn’t look too bad! is there still a place on this site for readers to post their own reviews?

  • Robert Morris

    Gonna watch it tonight and can not wait to see what they did with it. I am a HUGE fan of the first movie and it made my skin crawl. The second one made my skin crawl, but not in the good creepy way that I wanted. Besides a few choice scenes, the second one ruined the series and I am really hoping that this one gives me a reason to love the idea of a flesh eating virus killing teens again.

    • mobstar67

      If your a huge fan of the original dont get your hopes up..What this film is missing was the great characters and dark humor of the original..Without all that its just another B horror flick…

  • Guts

    I thought it was a decent watch. It wasn’t a great film, but it kept my attention all the way through and I look forward to what going to happen with Outbreak. I wouldn’t trust Bloody Disgusting in terms of reviews either way. I have yet to agree with any of their assessment of a film, game, or album.

  • mobstar67

    This was a obvious improvement over the dreaded Cabin Fever 2 Spring Fever but not by much.
    IMO what made Eli Roths Cabin Fever such a standout film was that it was a fresh idea at the time on with the flesh eating virus story line that people were genuinely terrified with mad cow disease going off around the world and the fact about our growing immunity to antibiotics..I think Roth nailed it with the right subject matter at the right time and it scared the shit out people..
    Also throw in Cerina Vincent topless and some strong performances by James Dibello,Joey Kern, Guiseppe Andrews and of coarse Dr Mambo..there was some really funny shit going on in this film to balance out the horror of it all.
    Ti Wests sequel was an abomination and Patient Zero seemed to be nothing really new and just a flat B movie…
    but maybe im being to harsh out of my fondness to Eli Roths original..

  • rbk

    Some of these comments read like astroturfers (“acting wasn’t that bad”?! “best film out of the series”?!) because this was a turd. “Boring, stupid, and awful.” – that’s being generous!! Yeah, expectations were low considering no-name actors, direct-to-dvd and a terrible sequel that came before it but come on, this was really, really bad. The acting was atrocious across the board, story was boring and pointless…if this somehow is left off of “worst horror films of 2014” lists at the end of the year I’d be awfully surprised.

    A shame because I enjoyed the first Cabin Fever.

  • H666

    watched this in the UK a few days back – while certainly not great it’s not half as bad as stated above though he’s so right about the young buxom scientists, cruddy acting etc but overall a typical direct to dvd sequel 2/5 silly but not boring

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