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Bryan Singer Options Poltergeist Comic “Haunted”!

In a press release sent to us by Red 5 Comics, it reads that Bryan Singer’s Bad Hat Harry Productions is to produce the adaptation of Scott Chitwood’s comic “Haunted”.”

In the story of “Haunted”, the barrier between our world and the spiritual realm was mysteriously torn apart allowing the Earth to be overrun by ghosts, demons and poltergeists. Creatures once thought to be mythological terrorized mankind and society collapsed. Thirteen years later, Sarah McCallister manages to survive by being tough, smart, and looking out only for herself. But when a chance to set the world back to normal arises, she finds herself in the compromising position of putting her faith in strangers for the first time.

“Haunted” is a four-part horror action-adventure written by Scott Chitwood (“Drone,” ‘Dead or Alive”), illustrated by newcomer Danny Luckert, and colored by Ivan Plascencia. It is also featured in Red 5’s 2014 Free Comic Book Day issue.

As Red 5 is an independent publisher, the best way to ensure your copy of “Haunted” this spring is to pre-order it by the end of February from your comic shop using order code FEB141420. “Haunted #1” of the four-issue series is set for release on April 30, 2014.



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