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Your Picks For The Best And Worst Horror Games Of 2013!

Our fifth annual FEAR Awards are over, but before we embrace each other in a sad, tear-filled group hug, let’s see the results. This is my favorite part. Even I didn’t know which horror games you chose as the best and worst of the year until I tallied up the votes today. There were two games in particular that kicked butt and took names (or awards, rather).

Find out which games won what after the jump!

Best Gore

WINNER: Outlast
2nd Place: Dead Space 3
3rd Place: Dead Rising 3

If you’ve spent even a few minutes with Red Barrels’ survival horror game Outlast, you’re undoubtedly already fully aware of how delightfully gory that game is. Heads in toilets, piles of mutilated bodies, blood-streaked walls — that game had everything an insatiable gorehound could ask for and then some.

Best Arsenal

WINNER: Dead Rising 3
2nd Place: Dead Space 3
3rd Place: Metro: Last Light

It was a tight race between the top two choices, but in the end, Dead Rising 3 took the lead and held it. I totally agree with this, though I’m ashamed to admit I still haven’t beaten the game yet. Even still, I’d go so far as to say it has the best arsenal of the series.

Best Visuals

WINNER:The Last of Us
2nd Place: Metro: Last Light
3rd Place: Tomb Raider

All three of the above games are worthy of this award. They each look ridiculously beautiful, and they’re proof you don’t necessarily need a next-gen console to enjoy next-gen quality graphics.

Best Zombies

2nd Place: The Last of Us
3rd Place: The Walking Dead – All That Remains

The DayZ standalone took every category it won (three in total) by a landslide. It has zombies, but much like The Last of Us and The Walking Dead, they’re not the biggest threat. That award goes to humans.

Best Horror DLC

WINNER: The Walking Dead: 400 Days
2nd Place: BioShock Infinite: Burial At Sea Episode 1
3rd Place: Dead Space 3: Awakened

We saw a fair amount of horror-themed DLC release last year, and much of it was extremely good. Awakened was scarier than the game it expanded on, Burial At Sea welcomed us back to Rapture, and 400 Days gave us more of Telltale’s Walking Dead. That’s never a bad thing.

Most Original

WINNER: The Last of Us
2nd Place: Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs
3rd Place: Sir, You Are Being Hunted

I’m glad Sir, You Are Being Hunted got some love, because it’s a very cool “tweedpunk robo-horror” game, but it was no match for the amazing storytelling and unique take on the popular zombie genre that The Last of Us offered.

Best Multiplayer

2nd Place: Dead Space 3
3rd Place: The Last of Us

Multiplayer hasn’t seen the warmest of welcomes from horror fans, but 2013 gave us a handful of games that had multiplayer components that actually added to the experience. DayZ was built from the ground up as a zombie MMO, Dead Space 3 had optional co-op that was used in a really clever way, and while I don’t have firsthand experience with it, I’ve heard nothing but good things about the competitive mode in The Last of Us.

Best Indie Horror Game

WINNER: Outlast
2nd Place: DayZ
3rd Place: Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs

Outlast took the competition to Mount Massive and chased them around a bit before beating them bloody. I enjoyed every indie game in this category, but developer Red Barrels did a wonderful job of creating a thrilling, visceral, and truly unforgettable experience in Outlast. They earned this

Best Slender Man Game

WINNER: Slender: The Arrival
2nd Place: Haunted Memories
3rd Place: Don’t Starve: The Screecher

Seeing as The Arrival was a bigger and better version of Mark Hadley’s The Eight Pages, which is responsible for every game in this category, I’d say it earned this win.

Scariest Game

WINNER: Outlast
2nd Place: Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs
3rd Place: Slender: The Arrival

This is always a tough one, because what’s scary is entirely relative to the individual experiencing it. It looks like Outlast scared a large majority of you, because it won trounced the competition without a problem.

Most Disappointing Game

WINNER: Aliens: Colonial Marines
2nd Place: The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct
3rd Place: Dead Island: Riptide

Colonial Marines and Survival Instinct are each worthy contenders for worst game of 2013; Riptide was just a lazy, disappointing entry in what initially looked like a promising new horror franchise. All three were hugely disappointing games, but the abysmal Aliens game won(?) this one, and it deserved every angry vote.

Best New IP

2nd Place: Outlast
3rd Place: The Last of Us

Outside of a handful of great ones — like the three above — there weren’t very many new IPs released in 2013, mostly due to the fact that we saw a new generation of consoles launch at the end of the year, so 2014 will almost definitely make this category more interesting next year.

Most Anticipated Game of 2014

WINNER: The Evil Within
2nd Place: Alien: Isolation
3rd Place: Telltale’s The Walking Dead Season Two

All three of these upcoming games look amazing, but Shinji Mikami’s intensely anticipated survival horror game The Evil Within tends to win every poll its included in, so this win isn’t all that surprising.

Where Is It?

WINNER: Left 4 Dead 3
2nd Place: Silent Hill 9
3rd Place: Doom 4

The biggest surprise here was how few of you voted for Resident Evil 7. Ouch.

Horror Game of the Year

WINNER: Outlast
2nd Place: The Last of Us
3rd Place: Dead Space 3

Would you look at that? My favorite horror game from 2013 was yours, too! Great minds think alike, I guess.


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  • Pav

    Like i said, there can be only one king!

  • SaltSlasher

    I believe the most coveted award for me is the “Scariest”. Yeah there are tons of great Horror movies each year, and I like them all, but it is the scary ones that I cherish.

    Bottom Line:

    Slender, Amnesia, Last of Us, Outlast, and Dayz, are all games you need to playing if you consider your a Horror game fan. Top 5 of the year, any order!

  • Vic

    Are you guys fucking kidding me? DayZ best zombies? lol Who voted for this, have you even played it? In the mod the zombies are a non factor because they are so easy to avoid, if you ever died to one you were a total clown. And in the stand alone they are a none factor because they are not there lol and when they are there they die in 1 hit.

    This is why we can’t have nice things.

    • Adam Dodd

      I think it’s equal parts best zombies/best zombie game, so that would explain why DayZ won. LOTS of people are loving it right now, whether or not it uses its zombies well.

      • Slasher716

        I am surprised there isn’t a best Vampire and best Werewolves selection since there are more Vampire/Werewolf games than Zombies 🙂

    • Slasher716

      Yeah, I thought it it was a horrible game. I didn’t vote in that category though.

  • Slasher716

    I’m happy with the results, especially that Outlast won the Scariest and Game of the Year. It deserved it :p

    • Adam Dodd


  • ThunderDragoon

    Love that Outlast got so much love. That game was amazing.

  • doomas10

    Just finished Outlast on PS4 on a big screen and with great sound. OMG, the psychological horror is astonishing – I was so involved with the gameplay and I actually liked the main character! The people behind it had real balls to make such an uncompromising game- brutally violent with so many shocks and lots of details in terms of memorable horror pictures that deserve lots of credit. Funny thing, the story did not turn out to be disappointing at all! Well done Outlast. You managed to scare the shit out of me!

  • YaegerTheArcticWolf

    I’ve been wondering the same thing for almost a decade now, where the hell is DOOM 4?! I’m telling you Carmack is a fucking liar, every interview he ever does and get’s asked about DOOM 4 the answer is always we are working on it. Carmack is just as bad as Valve is these days. Too busy counting that money from letting other people use their stuff to care about making anything anymore. But as long as DOOM 4 get’s here before I die I won’t be too upset.

  • JypeK

    Am I the only one who thinks that the ending of Outlast was completely full of shit? Don’t get me wrong, I loved most of the game and I think that it was indeed the scariest game of the year. I could point a finger at the point of the game where it goes wrong. It was when you go down with the elevator after the priest burns himself. How the hell did they manage to turn one of the best horror games in a long time into a completely ridiculous sci-fi game?

  • Nurse Derpusheen

    I’m so happy that The Last of Us and Outlast won so much!

  • Amaranthine

    Amnesia: A machine for pigs was a high disappointment for me. Outlast no contest was an amazing horror game I have a place deep into my heart.

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