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Review: ‘Baltimore: Chapel of Bones’ #2

After a long journey of self-discovery coupled with self-loathing, Lord Baltimore has finally reached the crescendo of his cursed existence in the concluding issue of “Baltimore: Chapel of Bones” as he finally does battle with his nemesis Haigus. From its onset Christopher Golden has ensured that the arc is jam packed with horrific action. This book follows the same flow chart and delivers a fun story with a worthy conclusion.

WRITTEN BY: Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden
ART BY: Ben Stenbeck
PUBLISHER: Dark Horse Comics
RELEASE DATE: February 5
PRICE: 3.50

Having been invited to a seedy bar to await their former comrade Lord Baltimore, the unlikely group of mutual acquaintances are quickly thrown into a gauntlet by the insidious Haigus. Luckily Baltimore arrives, somewhat late, and prepares for what he believes to be his final action in this life. All is not what seems however for Baltimore and even though he is finally in the battle he has dreamed about, a dream can quickly spin into a nightmare.

I’ve been immersing myself in Mignola’s work over my tenure here and BD and have never been disappointed by something that comes from the chasm that is his mind. Christopher Golden and Mignola have woven an intense tale where the selfish drive for vengeance is set above everything else, this characteristic is very unique when compared to Mignola’s work but it’s one of the things that sets this book apart. Baltimore is filled with so much hate, anger and most of all self-loathing, he wants nothing more than to die but the overriding drive for revenge trumps this need for death which makes his story such a compelling read.

At the onset I had myself convinced that this ongoing would be coming to an end. Surely Baltimore will have to achieve his mission especially since the previous issue set it up so well. I am simply blown away by the twists this book has and the profound quotes laced throughout it make the read all the more engaging. Baltimore thought his cursed his existence has made him into some kind of monster… turns out he is right.

Ben Stenbeck working in tandem with Dave Stewart gives this book the extra oomf it needs, with so much action going on it’s the little details that for me are the most appealing. In many of the panels there are surging flames or skeletons transforming into dust but even the simplest put of dust is penciled into the illustration. I’ve been praising Dave Stewart for years and this book is just one of the many testaments to his skills as he puts panels with powerful colours next to ones with dark ones and shadows.

Only time will tell what the future holds for Lord Baltimore.

3.5/5 Skull

Reviewed by – GreenBasterd



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