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Review: ‘The Punisher’ #1

There have been many different stories trying to invigorate Frank Castle’s mission on crime over the years. Some have been great (“Frankencastle”), and some not-so-great (wasn’t he black for a team-up with Cage?) “The Punisher” #1 goes with what works best at this character’s essence: blowing up drug dealers and working his way up the drug cartel ladder.

WRITTEN BY: Nathan Edmonson
ART BY: Mitch Gerads
PUBLISHER: Marvel Comics
PRICE: $3.99
RELEASE: 5 February 2014

If you’ve ever read a tale involving a gun-toting, white skulled, black shirt vigilante named Frank Castle, you know what to expect. Writer Nathan Edmonson brings The Punisher back to his roots, if you will, and knows exactly how to grab reader’s attention. This feels like it could be a great start to street-level justice in the Marvel Universe. There are no super heroics to be found. For a character who shoots a lot of bullets, that’s the perfect environment for him. The inner dialogue emanating from Castle is just enough for a guy who isn’t supposed to be chatty.

Artist Mitch Gerads is a great paring with Edmonson’s story. The Punisher is supposed to be grim and gritty and realistic. Gerads shines at this. His perspectives are innovative and everything looks real. Castle looks aged and experienced as he should. He has moved into the West Coast and found everything he needs to hunt down those who deserve his attention.

I’ll admit I’ve tuned out of what Castle has been up to in the last few years in the Marvel Universe. It all looked and felt the same as what had been done before, with the exception of the Marvel MAX stories. The Punisher is right where he should be at this point: going after drug pushers and blowing them all to hell. Leave the spandex out of this series and I think fans will flock to see how much of Los Angeles he can clean up.

4/5 Skulls

Reviewed by – Your Friendly Neighborhood Brady




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