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Will Smith Won’t Be In ‘Independence Day 2’ – Should We Care?

My immediate reaction to the news that Will Smith won’t return as Captain Steven Hiller in 20th Century Fox’s Independence Day 2 was pretty negative. Smith was the life of the party in the 1996 film that ends with Smith and Jeff Goldblum flying into an alien mothership and hitting it with a nuke.

But that was nearly 20 years ago, and since then Smith has lost his charisma. It’s not necessarily his selection of jobs – even though After Earth was questionable – it’s his lack of body of work. Maybe ID4 2 was just what the doctor ordered, but either way I’m not sure if I care anymore. It’s not as if I trust director Roland Emmerich either…

Variety reported the news while adding that Emmerich is still attached to direct with Dean Devlin set to produce. James Vanderbilt penned the script.

Sources previously said that even if Smith passes on the project, there is a plan on how to do the film without him.

The pic bows July 4, 2016.



  • After Earth really hurt Will Smith’s aura as this invincible box office draw, and After Earth features one of the worst cases of nepotism I’ve ever seen.

    Smith was entertaining in ID, but most people love that film, because it’s a spectacle of special effects and alien carnage. I can’t say I’ll miss Smith, and he’s not a make or break guy for my final decision to watch ID2.

    • doomas10

      Agreed. I kinda think he is overrated playing the same character all over again – men in black 3 times!, independence day, wild wild west, bad boy I and II, I robot. I prefer if Jeff Goldblum would return but I cannot have it all, me thinks!

      • mobstar67

        absolutely correct that Jeff Goldblums character is more essential to this film than Smiths Capt Hiller and thats no knock on Smith..I’m one of those who loved I Am Legend but tried and failed to get through After Earth more than a few times although i blame that more on M.Night than Will Smith…If They can dig up Judd Hirsch I’d like to see him return as well…

      • I loved I Am Legend and Ali. Hancock had SO much potential, but it fell apart in the end, IMO. And yeah, I couldn’t stand Bad Boys II, Wild Wild West (especially Wild Wild West), and MIB 3 was so unnecessary.

        Yeah, I’m all for Jeff Goldblum returning. Goldblum deserves his fair share of credit for most of the comic relief in the original, and the guy, who played his dad. He was a riot. lol.

  • dirtyghettok

    No, no we do not…

  • Vic

    Script must be crap, don;t really see any other reason for him not to return?

    AE was total garbage lol you can only afford one fail like that every 5 years or you’re done!

    • Brias411

      I wish that were true, but they keep letting M.Knight make movies, no mater that the hasn’t made a good film since Unbreakable.

    • goldo1107

      If He is the star and the money is right…he will take the job. But I think your assumption is correct. AE was a big hit in his portfolio so he is going to choose very carefully what he does next. Who cares about a sequel to that movie lol. I think the only thing that would work is a reboot at this point. 20 years is a long time and the movie doesn’t hold up very well in the special f/x dept either. If they cant get the attention of today’s teens it will surely flop at the box office.

  • lilmarkuk

    no because I can not stand him

    BUT I hope they do not hire another black actor to sort of replace wills presence

    don’t mean that in a racist way by the way, I just mean sometimes when a actor wont return they hire someone else similar to replace them..i don’t mean to be wills character but to be a different character but similar

  • woodchuck

    I remember hearing that they had problems because Smith said he wouldn’t do it if he couldn’t put his kids in the movie, which is fucking retarded because he already had kids in the first one so not sure how that would work with the plot. It would obviously be weird not having him in the movie but fuck the idea of putting his annoying-ass kids in anything

  • Evil_Flip

    I think a lot of movies could benefit from not having Will Smith in them (like I,Robot). But yeah I agree. He used to have a certain charm.

  • doomas10

    I am more of JGoldblum guy. Smith keeps playing in the blockbusters the wise-cracking dude. I hate him in Independence Day. I prefer if JG was back. He brought a more human approach to the whole thing – Smith was a joke. Anyways, I think the sequel is coming way too late now. We have seen so many alien invasion movies the last couple of years with equal (and perhaps more) amounts of destruction – Man of Steel, Transformers 3, attack the block, The avengers, Battle Los Angeles, Cowboys and Aliens, ender’s game, the world’s end, skyline, pacific rim, oblivion!!!!) that the whole thing has become boring. Oh well, who knows, it may turned out to be good at the end.

  • Nurse Derpusheen

    I agree, Will Smith has had a ton of good movies in his day, but how, it seems like he lost his spark, his talent, or maybe we all have just gotten bored with his style of acting. I’m honestly not disappointed he’s not going to be in this one.

    • Nurse Derpusheen


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