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6 Of The Coolest Cyborgs In Horror Games!



With the RoboCop reboot on the horizon, I thought this would be a fantastic time to capitalize on its popularity to loosely tie in a semi-related list! After minutes of consideration, I found the thread with which I could tie together something I’ve wanted to write about for a while, but never got around to it. RoboCop’s a cyborg, and it just so happens that there’s no shortage of (way cooler) cyborgs in video games.

Let’s take a minute to forget about whatever movie it is we were supposed to be talking about so we can instead focus on what’s most important — video games!

Read on for my list of 6 Of The Coolest Cyborgs In Horror Games!

Nemesis (Resident Evil)

The ultimate weapon. Nemesis — his friends call him Nemmy, I call him Little Nem Nems — is the ultimate badass. He was created by arguably the most evil corporation on the planet, Umbrella Corporation, which threw countless millions of dollars and hundreds of hours of research until it gave them an unstoppable living bioweapon that had the singular goal of hunting down and murdering Raccoon City’s most elite soldiers, the S.T.A.R.S.

Honorable Mentions: Tyrant (Resident Evil), Ustanak (Resident Evil 6)

Big Daddy (BioShock)

The Big Daddy is one of the coolest enemies to ever come out of video games. They’re essentially genetically enhanced human beings who have had their bodies fused into enormous — and remarkably resilient — diving suits. Their only purpose is to protect the Little Sisters who roam the underwater city of Rapture seeking bodies to mutilate with their ridiculously over-sized syringes. Nary a Splicer is willing to go anywhere near these big baddies, lest they find their abdomen ventilated by a massive drill.

Honorable Mention: Handyman (BioShock Infinite)

Cyberdemon (Doom)

The oldest cyborg on this list comes straight from Hell itself, because, you know, the Underworld totally has machinery and the tools necessary to graft rocket launchers onto demons. I could dedicate an entire list of reasons that detail the myriad reasons a demon with a rocket launcher for an arm is cool, but because none of my words will do it as much justice as the creature’s description from the Doom II (PC) manual, I’ll stick with that instead.

“A missile-launching skyscraper with goat legs. ‘Nuff said.”

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