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Slayer’s Jeff Hanneman Gets Honorary Roundabout In Poland

Late guitarist Jeff Hanneman of Slayer may have been snubbed at the 2014 Grammy Award Ceremony but that isn’t stopping a Polish city from giving him their own honor in the form of a renamed roundabout. In Jaworzna, which is in southern Poland, a roundabout’s name was auctioned off for charity and the winner dubbed it “Jeff Hanneman’s Circle Pit”. What a badass idea! Not only is it a really clever idea but it also allows metal to be a positive force, bringing in money for a charity (which you can read about down yonder).

Below you can see a video report as well as an image of the sign.

The sign reads:
Jeff Hanneman’s Circle Pit
unforgettable Slayer guitarist

During the XXII Final of The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, the President of Jaworzno put up for auction the traffic circle in the city centre, which was later autioned by ART-COM Ltd. The company could give the name to the traffic circle and became its ‘symbolic’ owner for the period of one year. The money gathered during the XXII Final of The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity was allocated for the purchase of specialized equipment for children’s emergency medicine and deserving health care of seniors.



  • terrogore

    ‘Murica fail. At least Europeans have some values left :). Pretty inspiring to see a community that stands behind metal as a legitimate art form of inspiration and to honor their heroes even though they are “underdogs”. Truly awesome.

  • terrogore

    @JonathanBarkan Good find and news too! I have found That BD spreads their wings as a versatile supplier of info that I care about 😛

    • JonathanBarkan

      Thanks very much! We strive to bring varied content that we think will interest the readers. Always happy to hear that it works! 🙂

  • Giomanach

    Good that they are doing this for Jeff. He was awesome at what he done with with Slayer and will forever be legendary. Very well deserved! Thanks for the article man 😀

    • JonathanBarkan

      The man helped redefine thrash metal. He should be receiving more of these types of recognitions but, alas, the world seems to shun metal as much as they shun horror. Sucks, but that is the reality of the situation.

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