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Comment To Win A ‘Dead Island: Epidemic’ Beta Code!

Bloody Disgusting reader Pav has awarded four beta codes for enduring the alpha phase of Techland’s latest zombie-themed experiment, Dead Island: Epidemic, and because he’s an infinitely generous soul, Pav offered me the keys to give away to four lucky readers. Read on for details!

The “ZOMBA” (Zombie Online Multiplayer Battle Arena) will enter beta soon, so if you’d like to join in on the cooperative zombie beat ’em up, here are the rules:

I’d like you to comment below with your favorite Dead Island weapon. Do you prefer to strategically remove the limbs from your foes with a venom-enhanced katana so you can watch them writhe on the floor in their own vomit, or are you more fond of dealing a quick death courtesy of a surprise bludgeoning by a kanabo/heavy duty mod combo?

Once you’ve shared that with the world, I’ll also need you to include your Steam profile name so we can gift you the beta code. If you want in on this, act fast, because I’ll be choosing the winners on Thursday, February 14th. Consider it my Valentine’s Day gift to you, you saucy minx.

Feel free to send Adam an email or follow him on Twitter:



  • Danz

    I loved to use blunt weapons, so I would say a paddle. It’s funny to use because it’s a paddle; it’s long so I can hit them from a safe distance and I can find it pretty much everywhere. It’s practical, it’s easy to get and it’s stupidly funny to use.

    My steam name is danielgordonfreeman

  • PotNoobles

    My Favourite weapon Class would have to be Blunt Weapons, And my Favourite Weapon in that class is the Craftable Electric Sledgehammer, Destroying limbs and frying infected has never been so satisfying. it’s also helped me to take down Thugs & Butchers Easier, Especially if you have a team of 4 using it, then the horde has no chance. << My Steam User Link.

  • RigelAnders

    Lightning Katana all the way. Brush the bloody bastard back with a couple kicks, then lay into him with the blade and aim for his limbs. He can’t claw with arms he doesn’t have. If his flesh hasn’t begun to sizzle yet, give him one more sternum cracking plant after you add some seasoning, then go for the red-neck lobotomization.

  • KidNickles

    Already got my CLOSED ALPHA code/key, thanks though 🙂

  • Craphex

    Oh this would be cool! 😀

  • weresmurf

    For me? The magic wand…

    One moment I’m Harry Potter… “EXPECTO PATRONUS!” and they go flying back.

    Next moment when they rush me, I’m Gandalf. “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!” as a whole group of them start flying back, through the air.

    After that, I’m just a beatcop, looking for someone to beat the crap out of with my police baton… that happens to be surging with a 1.21 gigawatts…

    • weresmurf

      Steam name is Weresmurf btw.

  • theangel04

    Best weapon… Gabriel’s Sledgehammer, smash them heads in with the power of religion….and a massive hammer 😛

    account name: theangel04

  • RigelAnders

    Any idea when we’ll know if we’ve won or not?

    • Pav

      You won but i need your email address

  • Malika

    Ahhh, I saw this just in time I hope i’m not too late? I’d LOVE to play this! Not many gamer chicks around so I hope I get a chance 🙂
    Here’s my steam, anyone can add me btw!

    • Malika

      oh sorry, and as for weapons i am a sucker for a good melee! kicking ass and taking names with an katana. nothing better than chopping some zombie heads off :3

      • Pav

        Need your email Mal, want send your game code 🙂

  • Ravanelli

    Hello! My favorite weapon is the Electric Sledgehammer. There’s no way to stop that beast! 😛 I just love the damage that does in a soft zombie…

    Steam link:


    • Ravanelli

      Hello again. When will I know if i won the beta key?

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