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Jonathan Davis (Korn) Releases ‘After The Dark’ OST



Today marks the digital release of the After The Dark score, which was composed by Jonathan Davis (Korn). This is the second soundtrack Davis has composed a film score, the first being Queen Of The Damned). The soundtrack will be released on CD on March 4th.

In an interview with The Pulse Of Radio, Davis stated, “I’m really into Vangelis, what he did with ‘Blade Runner’, I’m into… I just like trippy scores, like what Wendy Carlos did for ‘A Clockwork Orange’ and just cool stuff. I really am a big fan of the movie ‘Dune’, I love — Toto did that score. That was a cool score. And then there’s the, you know, normal ones, the orchestral scores that are all good. Yeah, those are a few of my favorites.

You can watch the trailer below.


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