La Casa Di Omicidio Releases Great Horror Synth Album ‘Musica Di Colonna Sonora’


Horror synth group La Casa Di Omocidio has released their Musica Di Colonna Sonora EP, which is a must have for any fan of the horror synth genre, especially when it’s influenced by such acts as Goblin, John Carpenter, and King Crimson. The 5-track EP is supposedly, “…the left-over soundtrack from a 1979 movie of which no existing copies are known.” You can listen to the EP below.

I’m personally loving this resurgence in 70’s/80’s-inspired horror synth. It’s like hearing the soundtrack to films you were never able to watch, that you never even knew existed. Keep ’em coming, I say!

  • mr_ugli

    Well if you enjoyed this, might I direct you over to the latest MERRIN ep, Doom Cinema.
    It’s of a similar vain, but less retro sounding and heavier.


    • JonathanBarkan

      Thanks for sharing!