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Like ‘The Following’ Or Not, It Has Some Awesome Music



There are some who really don’t like The Following, the psychological thriller TV series that stars Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy and is currently on its second season on FOX. I can understand why but I’ll fully admit that I kinda dig it. It’s absolutely ludicrous but it’s cheesy enough that I have a lot of fun watching it. Plus, it can get pretty gruesome and dark, which is always a plus.

But regardless of whether or not you enjoy it the show is definitely doing awesome when it comes to the licensed tracks. In recent episodes both Mourning Ritual‘s amazing, eerie cover of “Bad Moon Rising” (originally by Creedence Clearwater Revival) and Ki:Theory‘s “Stand By Me” (originally by Ben E. King) have been used to great effect. It’s tracks like these that make me appreciate the hell out of a good cover, especially when it changes the entire feel, creating something else entirely. Listen to both of these tracks below.

Oh, and if you dig the “Stand By Me” cover, you can download the album it’s on for free right here.


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