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Check Out This ‘Valentine Surprise’ From Part of the ‘Contracted’ Team!!

Matt Mercer and JD Lifshitz were producers on Eric England’s Contracted and apparently came up with the idea to co-write this twisted little short sometime after that picture wrapped. The short, entitled Valentine Surprise, was also directed by Mercer (who stars as well) and I’m impressed by the way it came together. A lot of shorts I get from first time directors are total garbage, so it’s nice to see one that’s not only competent – but really well shot and edited. It’s also nice that it it’s totally able to communicate everything it needs to with visuals, music and sound design – but no dialogue.

The short also stars Contracted‘s Najarra Townsend. It was produced by Mercer along with Jose Luis and Natalie Fong. Patrick McGinley serves as DP and Ben Wise provides the music.

Check it out below!




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