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[Free Download] “What Does The Fox Say?” Mashed Up With Drowning Pool’s “Bodies”

The problem with songs and/or videos going viral is that they get played to absolute death within days instead of weeks. I used to be able to hear a song and enjoy it for several days and sometimes even a month or two before I thought to myself, “Man, this is everywhere. I can’t handle this anymore.” Now people share it so much that just seeing the name alone makes me want to strangle someone.

Such was the case with Ylvis and their hit comedy track “What Does The Fox Say?”, which skyrocketed to internet fame (it currently has over 360 million views). While being funny the first two or three times I heard it, I actually heard people (in real life) asking each other this question and then laughing uproariously. Cue judgment.

But mash up artist Jake Jacobson III decided to take the track and give it a fresh twist by mashing it with the vocals from Drowning Pool‘s heavy metal classic “Bodies”. It works surprisingly well AND you can download a free copy to mess with your friends’ heads in the car. Give it a listen below.



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