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‘Dead Rising 3: Fallen Angel’ Review: A Slight Improvement

Written by Jason Nawara, @JasonNawara

I just don’t get it. Dead Rising 3 was a great Xbox One launch game. In fact, it was probably the best of the next-gen launch titles, but its DLC has been more disappointing than hitting a zombie upside the dome with a box of wet noodles (for the record, the box is the container the noodles originally came in, not a moving box full of noodles).

While Dead Rising 3 was satisfying, the DLC has been shockingly — and confusingly — mediocre. The first expansion, Operation Broken Eagle, followed Special Forces operator Adam Kane. He was a quiet badass who was tasked with tracking down his mates, as well as the President, while Nick Ramos sneaked around in the shadows. That first installment in the four-part Lost Chapters DLC series was disappointing. Unfortunately, this isn’t much of an improvement.

Fallen Angel is only slightly better than chapter one, but not by much. Angel is a significantly more interesting character than the cliche-heavy evil military guy that was Adam Kane. She’s an ‘illegal’, or someone who has to bounce from safehouse to safehouse in order to survive. Angel likes to drink — something we’re reminded of pretty often — and she’s also the first playable female character in the Dead Rising series. I didn’t even realize this until after I finished the ridiculously short “campaign.”

Similarly to Broken Eagle, you’ll be able to finish this story in under two hours.

If you played the first episode, Fallen Angel is another very expensive and brief revisit to Los Perdidos. Your character progress (level, blueprints, collectibles) is carried over, and while that’s certainly appreciated, there is a problem. Once your character’s level hits 50, there’s little to do outside of collecting the new weapon and vehicle (which come very organically) blueprints and collectibles. Still no increase to the level cap.

This DLC is a paradox: As a fan of the main game, I’d like to return to Los Perdidos to have some new adventures, but the only ones that are available are brief and offer nothing new. The expansions offers some incentive to explore areas you may have otherwise missed, but that’s about it.

The graphics saw a bump in FPS and general prettiness with a massive patch right before Broken Eagle dropped, and Dead Rising 3 continues to be a pretty game that stuns the senses with the gargantuan number of zombies that can be displayed on-screen at once. I get lost simply hacking my way through the seemingly endless horde of zombies.

There’s a little more exposition for Angel, and she’s definitely more likable than Kane, but the plot is nothing to write home about, nor is it enough to justify a purchase of this too-expensive piece of DLC. The voice acting is fine — hammy, just as we’ve come to expect.

I wanted Fallen Angel to be better. I’ve enjoyed my time in Los Perdidos. I like screwing around, mowing through the hordes and getting lost in the vastness of its world. Like Broken Eagle, much of Los Perdidos has been made inaccessible. It makes the world feel smaller, and doesn’t make much sense since Nick is running around the same areas at the same time. The other glaring issue is, you guessed it — no multiplayer.

I can totally justify playing at level 50 if it means helping a friend or even a stranger online. Games like these are almost always more enjoyable with a companion, so taking the multiplayer component out of Fallen Angel just makes the purchase even more difficult to recommend.

The Season Pass, even at its discounted price doesn’t really justify the bland DLC Capcom keeps dishing out.

I feel conflicted. I want everyone to enjoy the extra Dead Rising 3 content, but no one deserves to pay $10 an hour for a video game, no matter how much they love it. I can’t think of many other games that even come close to approaching that price tag. It’s a real shame.

That said, if they can discount this content or make the next two chapters more substantial in their content, that’d be a step in the right direction.

The Final Word: Fallen Angel is fun, but it does little to warrant a purchase at this price.



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