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Could ‘Frizzi 2 Fulci’ Be Coming To The US This October?



London, England. October 31st. Union Chapel. That’s where a lucky gathering got to witness an event that would intrigue and excite any horror fan: ‘Frizzi 2 Fulci’. A celebration of composer Fabio Frizzi, the event saw live performances of many of his classic Lucio Fulci cues alongside a small orchestra and live band. It was a celebration of horror and the music that constantly moves and terrifies us. And now it might be coming to the US.

According to a tweet from Death Waltz Recording Company, they’re hard at work to us Frizzi this October. There is no word on specifically when or even generally where but this is really exciting news! As we learn more we’ll keep you updated.

Below is footage capture from the Halloween concert.


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