[Toy Fair '14] McFarlane Reveals New "Walking Dead" Figures, Statue and S4 Blu-ray Box Set!! - Bloody Disgusting!

[Toy Fair ’14] McFarlane Reveals New “Walking Dead” Figures, Statue and S4 Blu-ray Box Set!!

Toyark reports that McFarlane had a huge “The Walking Dead” display at Toy Fair 2014 where they showed of some of their new “Walking Dead Comic Series” and “Walking Dead TV Series” figures.

They also had a massive comic-style Rick Grimes vs Walkers statue prototype, a new Rick Grimes TV Series 10″ figure, as well as a first look at “The Walking Dead Season 4 Special Edition Blu-ray Case” and more.

Dig all the photos below!

  • djblack1313

    i love that tree zombie. very cool.

  • Nurse Derpusheen

    tree zomzom… bad ass.

  • Amaranthine

    Seth McFarlane?

  • terrogore

    Haha, 10 inch Daryl Dixon.

  • Polsdofer

    They all look good except for shane’s face