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[Toy Fair ’14] NECA’s All Things ‘Predator’!



Figures.com was at the New York Toy Fair with details on the Series 12 release of NECA’s Predator line.

Arriving this June are both the “Bad Blood” and “Enforcer” figures (both based on the “Bad Blood” comic) along with a new version of the Predator 2 Elder” that’s massively improved with new sculpted materials, articulation, and accessories.

Series 13 will be here late summer and features “Cracked Tusk,” “Renegade,” and “Scavenge,” all based on Kenner designs.

Even before those we’ll see a “NES video game Predator” celebrating the 1989 classic in May!

In addition, the site reports that NECA isn’t just sticking with figures, but expanding the lineup with a huge new vehicle! Based on the original Kenner design but massively upgraded and updated to modern sensibilities, the “Blade Fighter” is coming in August. The huge two foot long fightercraft is visually striking with tons of weaponry, and the underslung cannons are removable and can be used as hand-held weapons by the included pilot, the “Viper Predator.” Also based on the original mini-comic, this orange, black, and yellow themed Predator has a removable mask, short dreadlocks, and blade gauntlets.


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