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[Trailer] ‘Horde’ Directors’ ‘Goal of the Dead’ Scores!

Goal of the Dead

Films Distribution has released the first trailer for Goal of the Dead, the zombie soccer bloodbath helmed by Benjamin Rocher and Thierry Poiraud. The trailer is in French, and unfortunately missing subtitles. It looks like tons of fun, but so did Horde, and that turned out to be one of thee worst movies of the year. One can only hope they learned from their mistakes and deliver the insane, fun bloodbath that’s shown in the below footage. Thanks to ‘Fabien M.’ for the tip!

The two-part film centers around a French Olympic football team who visits a small village in Northern France to play a crucial game in the run-up to the World Cup. But as the Apocalypse looms, an epidemic quickly spreads and transforms the players, spectators and inhabitants into strange and enraged creatures.

Goal is Rocher follow-up to the absolutely awful The Horde, and was acquired out of EFM by Metrodome (U.K.), Core Media Group (Germany), Korea (Line Tree), Hong Kong (Sundream), Turkey (Bir Film), Belgium (Cineart), as well as the Netherlands and Austria. It was previously acquired by Nikkatsu for Japan (per Variety).



  • dirtyghettok

    This actually looks really good. Hell I’d see this without the subtitles.

  • oneofthosedeadfckers

    that actually looks fun

  • djblack1313

    DEFINITELY YES! i’m in!

  • horrorking95

    How the frig was The Horde one of the worst films of the year!? The Horde is brilliant! It’s like The Raid with zombies.

    • djblack1313

      @horrorking95, i agree! i didn’t even (initially) read what Mr. D wrote. but yeah, THE HORDE, while not perfect (what movie is?) was pretty fucking good!

      • coldblood

        I liked The Horde too, not sure why Mr. D said it was so awful.
        However, as far as zombie flicks go right now, I’ve got Dead Snow 2 on the brain. That’s number one on the zombie must see list for me.

  • maxseed

    wtf? la horde was epic.
    “looks like a mass grave,
    no… looks like their pantry.”

    goal of the dead looks hilarious.

  • kareem

    French soccer culture with zombies, not too fussed even though I did enjoy la horde quite a bit…not sure I’ll see it in the theatre tho given how much that costs around here these days.

  • Full-Frontal-Squashing

    This look stupid as hell! Another Zombie-Comedy. This “genre” has gotten stale. The laziest form of horror film these days is “let’s make a zombie film, but wait, let’s also make it a comedy! Brilliant!”

    The silly part is, why include the fact that the guys behind The Horde, are also the behind this! 0-2 they are!

  • mobstar67

    is this a prequel to The Horde,,the zombie infection bein spread by some kind of PED for the soccer players ???

  • viking1983

    so mr d hates the horde but loves the worst film ever made – kill list, get off this site mr d, you fail

  • John Marrone

    Yea, another zom-com. Ugh….

  • Lord Clepticus X

    Looks awesome for a soccer based movie lmao. The gore looks wonderful.

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