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Los Angeles! Attend The ‘Almost Human’ Opening And WIN A Collector’s Item VHS Of The Film!!

I’m getting pumped for February 21st. That’s when we host the opening night of Almost Human at Arena Cinema Hollywood (tickets here) IFC Midnight will be releasing the film on VOD and in select theaters that day – but the weekend screenings at Arena are where you want to be.

Why? There will be a contest at each screening where audience winners can win a rare limited edition VHS copy of the film! Since Almost Human is a lovingly meticulous throwback to the bygone era of that format – this is definitely a fitting prize. Come armed with some knowledge, I’m pretty sure you’ll have to answer some tough questions to get your hands on one of these.

We’ll be hosting the 9:20PM and 11PM screenings of the film that night. Writer/director Joe Begos will be on hand along with the film’s stars Graham Skipper and Josh Ethier. We’ll be hosting a Q&A with them before the 9:20 showing. If you’re coming to the 11PM show that’s fine too, since we’ll be doing an intro/conversation with them before that showing starts.

Arena Cinema Hollywood is located at 1625 North Las Palmas Avenue Hollywood, CA 90028. We’ll see you there.



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