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‘Speak No Evil’ Children Return Evil (Trailer)

Described as a cross between Children of the Corn and The Exorcist, Bloody Disgusting has the first trailer and awesome sales art for Monte Cristo Entertainment’s Speak No Evil.

Anna, a single mom, receives little help in the search for her missing daughter until people realize that all of the town children have disappeared. When the kids do return they are changed, diseased and violent.

Directed by Roze, the pic stars Gabrielle Stone, Greg Bronson, and Annalise Cavender.



  • Slooby_doo

    This looks like a steaming pile of dookie. I’m all for low budget and non-professional actors/actresses, but the mother in the trailer was enough for me. Only 90 seconds long and its apparent she needs acting lessons.

    If it streams on Netflix, maybe I’ll watch.

  • chambertlo

    Wow, that looks so bad, I want my money back. Seriously.

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