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Kurt Russell Has A Great Perspective on Remaking Movies…

With an Escape from New York remake still in development hell, Kurt Russell, who starred as the iconic Snake Plissken in John Carpenter’s 1981 thriller, talked to IGN about his thoughts on remaking the film – and remaking movies in general.

There’s nothing wrong with the concept of doing something,” Russell told the site of the proposed Escape from New York reboot. “I just think that my only thing about that is, when I think of remakes — and I’ve done remakes that I didn’t think should have been done — I only think remakes make sense if you take an idea that was flawed, a script that was flawed, perhaps they didn’t have enough money to make it correctly, maybe a character or two was not particularly well-played or could be fixed. If it had a problem that you’d say, ‘God, if you just do that, that’s a great movie,’ or, ‘If that movie had so-and-so in it, it could be great! Imagine that with so-and-so in it. Imagine that done this way.’ Then that to me makes perfect sense as to why they would do a remake.

He really hits the nail on the head, although I think taking a great film and letting the director do his own thing (i.e. Dawn of the Dead) is another great way to approach remaking a classic.

As for Russell appearing in the New York reboot as Snake, he doubts that will happen:

He’s a great character. But no, I’m too old. Snake’s a man in his prime. He’s an American man absolutely in his prime. He’s a really good character.

It would be nice at least see him cameo.



  • tbaio

    I totally agree with Russell. There are so many movies that could be made better. The choice to re-make a classic or perfect film is not wise at all (remakes for Halloween, Black Christmas, The Manchurian Candidate just name a few all sucked). In one case, Driller Killer, which was a bad movie to begin with, was made even worse with the remake!! I see so many opportunities for average or smaller scale movies made in the past where a remake would be most welcome. However, the big studio geniuses will probably opt to remake The Godfather instead. Too bad really.

  • Evil_Flip

    All his reasons are perfectly sound to make a remake, but that’s not why studios want to make remakes, they want to make it so they can cash in on the name/brand of a ‘classic’, and don’t care about the content. That’s why they get new and cheap directors they can manipulate into making the movie that sells, not a movie that might become a classic too. Just look at the director of the new Robocop, he had some interesting idea’s, then he let slip the studio pushed him to do something else and now he suddenly doesn’t appear to promote his own movie.

  • Primeus

    I agree with him 100%. Remake a bad movie and make it good or great. Don’t remake a great film and make it terrible.

    Also not every film needs to be remade. Carrie is a prime example. What an amazing film and performances. The remake and every other remake (there have been a few), have been horrible, and pure joke status.

    Halloween…. How can anyone redo or improve on what Carpenter did? They can’t which is why we got the shit show that was the white trash version of Halloween by Rob “I am a hack” Zombie.

    Leave the Classics alone.

  • STRIK9

    LOL that’s the problem though. The only shit that gets remakes are classics. Nobody is tryin to remake ‘the burning’ or ‘hellnight’, just shit that people already are familiar with. If kurt hit the gym for a month he could pull off an older, fit pliskin anyday. Damn, Stallone is still hangin in there

  • niuq

    Why do people hate RZ’s Halloween so bad? It’s a good movie. Both are. Carpenter is Carpenter and RZ is RZ. If you thought you were going to see a movie that didn’t have SMZ (who i love) and wasn’t at least a little ‘white trashy’, then maybe you should have watched Carpenters Village of the Damned instead. Because that was so good. If you don’t like RZ then don’t watch RZ movies. Stop whining on BD about it tho. He’s legit.

    • tbaio

      I gotta tell you, I don’t think people disliked the Halloween remake because they have something against Rob Zombie. I think they disliked it because it was a bad movie. I for one was excited about seeing it because I enjoyed his work in The Devil’s Rejects; work that he has yet to match. The majority of the commentors on this thread are not fans of remakes in general. Its no coincidence that the Halloween remake is being brought up more than once….by consensus, it just was not liked. Great point about Carpenter’s Village of the Damned remake though….a rare good remake of a very good movie.

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