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‘These Final Hours’ Trailer Leaves the Earth in Ruins!

How would you spend your final hours?

Opening this June via Roadshow Films, here’s an insane new trailer for the apocalyptic thriller These Final Hours from Celluloid Nightmares.

Zak Hilditch’s feature debut explores the question “What would you do on the last day on Earth?” through the eyes of a self-obsessed young man, played by Nathan Phillips, on his way to the party-to-end-all-parties.

The thriller earned Hilditch the Critics’ Award for Best Australian feature at the Melbourne International Film Festival.



  • lilmarkuk

    actually looks decent

  • djblack1313

    this looks REALLY good! i’m so in! plus it has gorgeous Jessica De Gouw (from NBC’s “Dracula”) in it…so HELL YES!

  • niuq

    Seems terrible to me… I hate that he’s dragging a kid around. Lame.

  • pyrepunk

    I’ve heard it’s a really good film and it looks really good. Wish some movies like this got better attention and theatrical releases over here in the US. :/

  • markajacoby

    What? A movie that’s not a remake, not filled with gratuitous sex and violence, and actually looks like it might make you think a little… What a novel concept. Count me in

  • cold_war_relic

    Looks like a good movie to me. We’ve been trying to figure out who the girl is at 1:18 though. She really looks familiar but she doesn’t seem to be listed at IMDB.

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