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Destrage Release Amazing Video For New Song “Purania”

Italian alt-metal band Destrage have released an official music video for their track “Purania”, which you can watch below courtesy of FearNet. The video mixes performance footage with dark animation. The band explains, “The story is set in an imaginary city, Purania, where personal choice has been banned, and people are controlled by a central brain unleashing an army called Select & Defend, divided in small squads of Blamers and Erasers. An underground secret movement, which the government calls “The Incoherents” is planning a revolt.

The band elaborates on the filming of the video: “We did the shooting on a freezing Sunday, in January 2013. Cold keeps people awake and reactive, but we didn’t know it before that day! Anyway, a pretty large team of people was involved in the process of making this video. The Jack Stupid Collective came up with the concept together with the band, wrote the screenplay, set the style and organized the production. There was quite a lot of stuff to do. Location managing, set design (that place was a total blank warehouse). Casting, illustration, actor and extras managing and a lot of logistic shit. We also hired a D.O.P. and two camera operators, an electrician and everyone we needed on the set. When everything was shot, The Jack Stupid collective worked on it very hard for a few months in post production.

It was a pretty exhausting process, especially the animation of every single drawing, but we’re satisfied about the final result. We would like to thank everyone who was involved; you are too many to be mentioned, but you know who you are!

“Purania” comes from the band’s upcoming album Are You Kidding Me? No, which comes out March 4th via Metal Blade Records. You can pre-order the album here.



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