An Enormous ‘Godillza’ Poster Scales Monster!!

  • Droolbear

    I have mixed emotions about this poster. What’s disturbing me is the profile of Godzilla himself. The decision to have his back to his audience kinda murfs me. Sorta like saying, FU! Maybe I’m just taking it the wrong way or maybe that’s what their intention is. Probably just over analyzing it.

  • WineandWatch

    I like it! It’s a TINY BIT reminsicent of the Cloverfield poster but I think it’s gorgeous.

  • Author_RobF

    Not to step on someone’s toes here, just a heads up, you guess messed up the Godzilla name and wrote Godillza…just FYI 😉

    • MachineGunGandhi

      Godillza is Godzilla’s half-brother… the one we don’t talk about because of that incident back at Gamera’s birthday party.

      • VampireJack

        Hey,he was drunk and Gamera was obviously flirting…..

  • ChildoftheKoRn

    Personally I’d rather they stop giving away so much on the look and size comparison. I understand why, but hollywood is making a shitty move by giving away so much prior to the movie being seen. Haven’t been to the theater in years because you basically see the movie int he various trailers and what not. When I really wanna see a movie I ignore all those. So far all I’ve seen is the initial trailer and was pissed to see the monsters face, although excited to see America’s version is honoring the original concept.

    Still can’t wait to see this…

  • terrogore

    This warms my cold reptilian heart.

  • Zombie-Killa

    Breathtaking poster. Also, is it a stretch to say this poster is better than the teaser (nothing against the teaser for quality, or anything like that, but I LOVE this poster)? lol.

  • ThunderDragoon


  • Fishhookz


  • Ravinus

    I’m not sure that the poster is to scale. but, either way, it looks great. I’m pretty stoked for this film.

  • thatenddown

    The poster is definitely not to scale. It doesn’t match what we’ve seen in the trailer at all.

    • Nightflyre9

      Agreed. And why would anyone even think it was scale in the first place? The second I saw this poster, I knew it was just for emphasis and not Godzilla’s actual size in the film. People can be such lemmings.

  • RicoThor

    CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!