Dutch Trailer For 'The Pool' Leaves You With Chills - Bloody Disgusting!

Dutch Trailer For ‘The Pool’ Leaves You With Chills

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Twitch pointed us to the trailer for the Dutch psychological thriller The Pool.

Directed by Chris. W. Mitchell, “Two families go camping illegally in a forest, and set up their tents near a beautiful pond, far away from the daily hubbub. However, they soon discover that the pond contains a mysterious force, which will not allow them to leave. Rot and decay strike, and madness follows.

  • djblack1313

    this is a VERY short trailer (which is good i guess since it probably has little to no spoilers) but i like what i see.

  • lilmarkuk

    How does the trailer leave anyone with chills??? it does not and its retty short and crappy lol

    also with you saying..psychological thriller

    Then that’s either a misrepresentation of what type of movie this is OR it is just a psychological thriller and there is nothing supernatural or anything happening like we are to believe and its all in someones head?