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‘The Raid’ Remake Is Happening With…

One of the greatest action franchises ever is Gareth Edwards’ The Raid. And even though the two films create a masterpiece of fist-fights, people outside of hardcore fans and festival peeps don’t know much about it. Thus, a remake will happen.

Announced after the first Indonesian Raid was acquired by Sony, today TheWrap reports that Screen Gems has hired a director – and has their eyes on their leads.

The Expendables 3‘s Patrick Hughes is in negotiations to direct The Raid remake for Screen Gems and XYZ films. Brad Inglesby (Out of the Furnace) wrote the script.

Casting has yet to begin but the Hemsworth brothers -Liam, Chris and Luke – have been mentioned as possible targets for the hard-hitting action movie!

The original Raid followed an Indonesian S.W.A.T. team tasked with storming a building where a violent gangster and his thugs reign over innocent residents. One young cop has a mission of his own – to rescue his drug-dealing brother from the chaos inside.

XYZ Films will produce with Gareth Huw Evans, who directed The Raid and its ambitious sequel The Raid 2, which hits theaters in March.



  • Hutchirm

    No, this does not need to happen. You are taking a great movie and of course going to ruin it. America sucks when it comes to originality, all the great minds that once made the movies we love no longer exist. I really hope he realizes what he is about to do and pulls out of this before it is to late. And I love how they say Hardcore fans have not seen this film so they are going to re-make it. I would like to know which fans they are talking about.

    • MachineGunGandhi

      Me. I can not relate to an asian dude on-screen. Too much of a stretch for my xenophobic mentality, but if you were to take out that Asian lead and throw in a rugged looking white everyman in his place then my ticket and bucket of buttery popcorn is already sold. Murica!

      • K-Dogg

        Did you seriously just post this….wow. You’re joking right??

        • djblack1313

          @K-Dogg, yeah, MachineGunGandhi was joking. LOL.

          • doomas10

            I think he could be joking or not! Usually people here on this website are not trolls and far more advanced intellectually so I will take your word for it that he was joking!

      • doomas10

        You are entitled to your opinion of course but this is a movie from Indonesia not an American one. So I guess we should make movies only in Hollywood and watch male white leads? No wonder why these remakes are happening (and suck badly~).

    • WalkWithMeInDarkness

      It’s Hollywood who’s lacking in originality. Not all of us in America. 🙂

  • pyrepunk

    I don’t understand why this needs to be remade…what was wrong with the original? Can’t we just push the original into theaters? I can understand re-making old movies but why remake new ones that really don’t need to be remade because people don’t want to read subtitles…yes there are cultural differences but those are what make some of these foreign films so great is the interesting cultural tidbits that lie within their plots and characters….all I can say is F***…..I liked The Raid……

  • Cichy

    this was already remade it was called Dredd…

    • weresmurf



      Dredd was made first but released second.

      Hell, even the script for Dredd was written before THE RAID. Even Gareth Evans acknowledged this. It was just one of those coincidence things, like when ARMAGEDDON and DEEP IMPACT were made at the same time-ish.

  • Remake?????????????????? The Raid: Redemption was released in 2011/2012(?), and they’re already going with a remake before the sequel to the first one receives a wide release? That’s just asinine.

    I haven’t seen it yet, but I VIVIDLY remember a lot of people on here (and critics from other places) shitting all over the Oldboy remake. I’m not saying it’s going to be a terrible movie, because I haven’t seen it yet, but for the love of all things holy this is SO unnecessary.

    Although, I guess you to expect this kind of stuff with Hollywood. The Swedish version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo came out in 2009, and they did they remake with Rooney Mara in 2011.

    • VampireJack

      Indeed, didn’t Quarantine come out about 4 days after (REC)!

      Ok, slight exaggeration, but still…..

      • Lol! I remember Quarantine. I might take some heat for this, but I didn’t have a big problem with Quarantine. But the sequel Quarantine 2: Terminal? That’s a piece of crap I can’t defend, because it’s an AWFUL film from start to finish.

        • Kwonkicker

          Really? I actually thought Quarantine 2 was pretty decent. If it would’ve gotten a theatrical release it could have pulled some bank.

          • Ha!

            I dunno man. The whole airplane/hanger scenario/setting really didn’t do anything for me. Plus, from what I remember they abandoned the storyline in Quarantine for the most part.

            Correct me if I’m wrong, but they only alluded to what happened in the first film at the beginning, and that’s it. [REC] 2 was a real sequel, because they picked up after the the events of the first film.

            Why call it Quarantine 2 if the movie has nothing to do with the first film for the most part? Just felt like a shameless cash grab to lure fans of the first film to an unrelated sequel (i.e. Fright Night 2: New Blood 2013) with hopes of tying up loose ends in the first film. But maybe I’m being too picky? lol.

        • diapers

          LOL, I kind of liked Quarantine 2: Terminal. I thought it was cool that they went in a different direction than Rec 2. Then again, I’m easily amused.

  • WineandWatch

    Yeah….I was gonna say it was already remade as Dredd (a movie I very much love). There’s no point to this. Oh well. =/

  • mobstar67

    this is about as attractive as Spike Lee’s Oldboy remake…

  • kareem

    The interview with Spike Lee concerning his Oldboy remake is pretty interesting, there Lee says that basically the average american audience does not want to read subtitles, and is not curious about foreign films. I’m inclined to believe him because if in this site here we are many, I think we (film lovers with open mindedness to all sorts of cinema) are a minority. Buying the rights to a foreign film and dubbing it for a domestic release is riskier in terms of investment than buying the rights, making the film with american actors for an american audience (which would probably not even know of the original) makes more sense on paper. And I effin hate it. I’ll stick to my blu ray of the first and the release of the sequel here in france in april after the fighter it lit in sundance. Thank you very much Evans.

  • djblack1313

    so this will end up (i admit i’m assuming here) being a run of the mill-ish type action movie instead of an UBER-high octane, jaw-dropping movie with some of the most incredible fight scenes/sequences ever?

    i like Chris Hemsworth but he (as far as i know) doesn’t have the martial arts/fight skills that his character’s original film actor had. hence generic/run of the mill action movie.

    • doomas10

      @djblack1313 let’s be honest here. Remaking foreign films….is always a horrible process. They will lack the enthusiasm, the punch and the delivery of high quality action sequences. They will think that more money and expensive effects will draw audiences.

  • peepjerky

    Gotta get Statham…

  • dirtyghettok

    One thing I’ve learned (pretty much now) is that a remake doesn’t mean better. And just because someone says a movie (remake/sequel/reboot/whatever) is better (like the newer Wolverine) doesn’t mean it’s good. So I hope this pans out amazing (it won’t), but hey, I don’t mind reading and watching a foreign film for the gloriousness it is. The Raid will always stay in my top fave’s, probably forever. Forever, (imagine Sandlot) forever, forever, forever…

  • VampireJack

    Couldn’t they just release the original with the English dub….
    No wait, that already happened….

    Why not just rename what used to be the greatest movie making area in the world REMAKEWOOD.

  • chambertlo


  • Ravinus

    Gonna be PG-13 dreck. Fuck you Hollywood.

  • kaido

    Eh, complaining about a remake isn’t going to stop it from being made. Halloween, Friday the 13th, Nightmare… They’re gonna happen. I thought of Dredd when I read this. I’ll just stick to that.

  • rezzz

    WTF!!! The reason people watch most of the foreign action films is that the action is so f’in good. Hollywood will never let any actor do the stunts that are performed in foreign movies or they can’t get insurance. I used to hate reading the subtitles, now if the movie is good, I don’t even notice. Please don’t make this!!!

  • Ok, so I do not have a problem with this director or any of the Hemsworth brothers, actually enjoy their work, however seeing their body of work tells me 2 things about this remake: pg-13 or R rating aside this has the potential to be watered down to the point of no return, & silat will not be used amd instead be more of a “die hard” based gunplay film with little hand to hand combat. I do not want to write this off, especially it being a remake to my favorite action film, however taking silat out of The Raid is like removing Freddy from a Nightmare on Elm Street.

    • djblack1313

      @JoshuaTurney, EXACTLY! i agree.

  • Trioxin83

    NO! This does not need a remake! If people don’t want to read the subtitles go buy The Raid: Redemption from WalMart. It has the option of watching the original with subs OR you can watch it dubbed in English.

  • Kwonkicker

    Sweet Mary Mother of Holy Tap Dancing Christ himself, NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO and AGAIN, NO.

    Fuck you Hollywood, seriously, fuck you.

  • oneofthosedeadfckers

    This is probably the most unnecessary remake since the remake of Let the Right One In. I don’t have a problem with remakes if they actually try to do something different (Magnificent Seven vs Seven Samurai).

    • doomas10

      … I will add the passing time as well instead of producing a movie of a film that was released one-two-three years ago!

  • doomas10

    No take that remake and stick up your a** Hollywood. Now I know that people will say “it takes nothing from the original” and “how can you damn it if you haven’t seen it?” and blah blah. However, have you seen the latest remakes or the previous ones in this decade? They are way too toned down aiming for a broader audience or just flat out boring. And for the record, if anyone thinks the remake will surpass (or have) the level of martial arts displayed in the original, I am sorry but it will not! And no having one or two cool stunts will not make it superior in terms of action.

    What is the real story here is that Hollywood does not allow the original films to be witnessed by more. It’s like if someone else has a bright idea in a different language we have to do it our way within a year or two from the original release see The girl with the dragon tattoo -useless remake and Let the right one in -oh another useless remake

  • diapers

    To me, Dredd was sufficient Hollywood treatment. Yeah, I know they were made separately. Anyway, hollywood will make a Raid remake, and millions will see it, but not this kid.

  • Evan3

    The fact that they want to cast the Hemsworth brothers is a sign they are already messing this up. Part of what made the Raid so good was the unassuming statures of the leads.

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