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Atlus Shares ‘Daylight’ Release Date, Price, Nifty Twitch Integration



Last week, Atlus and developer Zombie Studios teased a nebulous April release for their supernatural horror game Daylight. Now that’s been narrowed down to April 29th, so mark you calendars and make sure you have enough to cover its $14.99 price tag, because doesn’t look like a game you’ll want to miss.

These details were paired with the reveal of a nifty feature that gives strangers the power to make the game even more than it already is. Say you’re watching a Twitch stream where someone’s playing a bit of Daylight, exploring, seeking, solving puzzles. Zombie Studios has found a very clever way to integrate Twitch into the experience by letting live-stream viewers type words into the chat which then trigger in-game audio events.

Atlus has no plans on releasing the full list of words, but I’m very much looking forward to seeing what these audio cues entail. I think my first word will be sploosh.

Daylight will arrive on April 29th for PC and PlayStation 4.

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