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[OMFG] This Horrifying Monkey Toy Rips Its Own Face Off And Laughs At You!!

Update: These terrifying bears can be found at Scare Bears!

Wow. While I think the “normal face” for this doll needs some work to up the shock factor of the final reveal, I have to thoroughly applaud the gory punchline and the fact that this thing sadistically laughs at you. So, while I hope this is just a beta for a more refined product, I’m in. It’s nuts! I want one now!!

Thanks to reader “Gumbo Malloy” for sending this along!



  • EvilHead1981

    Looks more like a bear.

  • EvanDickson

    @EvilHead1981 I was on the fence but then it looked more like a monkey to me once the face was ripped off. Either way I guess, lol.

  • flesheater24

    Oh so thats what happens when elmo gets crossed between a derange monkey straight out of DEAD ALIVE. I believe I need this, my g/f will never sleep over my house anymore LMAO. Actually she prob would hate me.

  • JonathanBarkan

    Hey all, the article has been updated with a link to Scare Bears, the creators of these amazing toys!

  • Ravinus

    A quick look at the website would clear any doubt that it is a bear. Great research.

    • EvanDickson


      A. I didn’t know about the website at the time I posted.

      B. Get a life. It’s a stuffed animal, not Watergate.

      • Seal_Clubber

        LOL …

      • Jasonicus

        Or just do some fucking research first.

  • Nurse Derpusheen

    O__________________________________________________O cool

    • Nurse Derpusheen

      I want it for my kids xD

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