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UPDATED! Tremble When You Hear Godzilla’s Official “Roar!”

UPDATED with an animated… thing! Following the Empire reveal of the new Gareth Edwards directed of the new Godzilla, the film’s official soundcloud has now opted to share his roar. It’s f*cking awesome.

Monsters‘ Gareth Edwards directs the all star cast including Elizabeth Olsen, Bryan Cranston, Aaron Johnson, Juliette Binoche, David Strathairn, Ken Watanabe, Richard T. Jones, Sally Hawkins, Akira Takarada, Victor Rasuk, Yuki Morita, and C.J. Adams.

In theaters May 16, 2014, an epic rebirth to Toho’s iconic Godzilla, this spectacular adventure pits the world’s most famous monster against malevolent creatures who, bolstered by humanity’s scientific arrogance, threaten our very existence. Making his first appearance in 1954 (Gojira) Godzilla is a giant monster that lives in the sea that comes from the ocean to feed on mankind.



  • djblack1313

    oh! i thought this was Katie Perry’s “Roar”! just kidding. 🙂

    i like this Godzilla roar! pretty scary (especially the part that follows the main/louder part of it. the trickling off part is very creepy).

  • TorturedSouls

    That just gave me chills

  • Rick-Taylor

    I dunno what you guys heard. After the first half-second of a roar…. it just sounds like static and then the camera sound used in the Texas Chainsaw trailers. I’m hoping the roar is heard definitively in the movie, and not covered like this one. Anyway, I’m still extra excited for this movie!

    • flesheater24

      hey man I was thinking the same thing. It sounded so creepy when it first happen then at the end sounded like gorilla and a horn and not so scary. I’m hoping this will be in iMAX so we can get a real taste of the roar.

  • RubenVeritas

    Well that was disappointing

  • ThunderDragoon

    That is actually terrifying with earphones in. Just imagining a huge creature like that in real life gives me chills. So excited for this movie.

  • Chrissie-Watkins

    That kind of sounded like music or something, not a noise from a live creature.

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