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Devin Townsend Announces New Project Casualties Of Cool

Musical mad genius Devin Townsend has announced that he is hard at work on yet another project: Casualties Of Cool. People were wondering if this proejct was in any way connected with the Ziltoid project, which Townsend was quick to dispel. He stated that “…although Ziltoid is very metal, Casualties is not,” and that this, “…is about making an awesome thing.” Townsend then released a full track entitled “Forgive Me”, which you can listen to below.

Information from Townsend’s Pledge Music pages states that the album will see guest appearances from Che Aimee (vocalist on Ki), Morgan Ågren (Drummer extraordinaire from Thordendal, Zappa, Laswell, etc), Jessica Cope, Jørgen Munkeby, Kat Epple, The Swedish Sångkraft choir, a string section…

The album is tentatively scheduled for a May 14th release date.



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