TesseracT Releases 14+ Minute Studio Playthrough Of 'Of Matter' Segment - Bloody Disgusting
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TesseracT Releases 14+ Minute Studio Playthrough Of ‘Of Matter’ Segment



British progressive rock/metal band TesseracT have released a 14+ minute live studio performance of the ‘Of Matter’ segment from their latest album Altered State (review). The video follows the tradition the band set when they recorded a full studio play through of their Concealing Fate EP.

Way back in 2010, we filmed a live recording of ‘Concealing Fate’ at Sphere Studios with Francesco Carmeli. We enjoyed this so much that we have always wanted to do it again, and ‘Altered State’ gave us the perfect opportunity to do so. Sphere Studios London has now closed and moved to L.A, so it was especially important for us to go back and film the recording of ‘Of Matter’ before Francesco moved the studio.

This video is hopefully the first of four, that cover the whole of the latest album, where we aim to film four different recordings of the four different sections of ‘Altered State’ in four different studios throughout our small little world. As with everything TesseracT, the video shows the slight evolution of each track as we take it from the studio on to the stage. We hope you guys enjoy it as much as we did!

You can watch the video below.


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