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Cronenberg’s ‘The Fly’ Never Looked So Gruesome!

David Cronenberg’s The Fly is one of my favorite sci-fi horror films due to its fantastic acting, stellar practical FX, unsettling score, and engaging directing. And one of our pals, Mr. Aaron Crawford of Cavity Colors, has decided to show his love of the film by creating a super limited t-shirt (only 200 will be printed). A hyper limited combo of the shirt and print can be had but only 20 will be available. The prints will be signed and numbered by Crawford and once gone will never be reproduced. The shirts will become available for pre-order this Thursday at Noon EST, so keep your eyes peeled on Cavity Colors if you want one.

Crawford comments on the piece, “I wanted to mostly focus on the idea of how bizarre it is that a House Fly can taste with their feet, and also regurgitate stomach enzymes into solid foods in order to liquify, and consume it. This process is called VOMIT DROP. Because a Fly does not have teeth to chew, this is the only way they can consume it’s food.

Head below to see images of the shirts. Also, know that I will fight you for a print. I want that hanging on my wall the moment guests come in so that they know precisely what they’re in store for.




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