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‘Dead Rising 3: Chaos Rising’ Trailer Embraces Anarchy

Capcom is really cranking these things out. Most studios spread their DLC out a bit, giving players time to enjoy each morsel before they move onto the next. Capcom’s approach differs, in that they’ve decided to shy away from the more traditional, long-term support in an effort to cram content down your throat every two weeks.

The latest expansion for Dead Rising 3, fittingly titled Chaos Rising, arrived today. In it, you jump into the (probably) spiked boots of Hunter Thibodeaux. Like the two episodes that preceded this one, if you decide to grab this you’ll be rewarded with new weapons, a terrifying motorcycle/saw contraption, and a brief story. Unfortunately, we still aren’t getting a raised level cap.

If you missed out on our reviews of the first two episodes, Operation Broken Eagle didn’t offer much, while Fallen Angel was a little less disappointing.

Each expansion is available individually for $9.99, or you can get all four together at a discounted price with the $29.99 season pass.

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