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This Will Put Your ‘Resident Evil’ Collection To Shame

Last week we featured Whitney’s ridiculously impressive collection of all things Silent Hill. If you considered yourself to be a proud owner — a tasteful connoisseur — of everything related to our favorite foggy town, that video probably replaced much of that pride with shame. Shame that stems from being an inadequate fan. Shame that even Resident Evil fans can feel now, thanks to this equally as impressive collection related to Capcom’s flagship video game franchise.

For more on Laura’s Resident Evil collection, feel free to visit her website.

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  • Marty McFly

    Very cool. Resident Evil has always been a great franchise, I just wish they’d go back to the old school feel of parts 1, 2 and 3 when you actually felt like you were surviving, with limited ammo, herbs, etc.

    • GreigShelob

      The best thing about RE5 was the Lost in Nightmares DLC. That was brilliant. If RE6 was more like that I bet it would have been more widely received.

      Revelations is meant to be more like that isn’t it? I started the Xbox 360 version but never really got far in it.

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