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Everybody Relax, ‘Big Trouble In Little China’ Is Back!

BOOM! Studios just sent out a not-so-subtle visual teaser for a new series, and it looks as though the publisher will be bringing the beloved action/adventure flick, “Big Trouble In Little China”. BOOM! has been bringing an abundance of movie and TV properties to comic books over the past few years, and “Big Trouble” adds to their lineup of 80s inspired books.

There is no news on who will be writing or who will be providing artwork, though it is clear that Eric Powell is involved in some capacity as he drew the teaser, which you can see below.



  • JonathanBarkan

    YES!!!! I am SO picking this up!!!

  • Bryno

    “Big Trouble…” is my favorite Carpenter movie and Eric Powell is one of the best artists/writers in comics right now, this has a lot of potential. I imagine he is likely just the cover artist, with “The Goon” coming back back this summer and all.

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