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The Untitled WB/New Line Movie Is NOT ‘Annabelle’

Yesterday Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema announced two sets of a release dates, one for The Conjuring 2, the other for a currently untitled horror film.

We were the first to speculate that this untitled horror film, in theaters October 3, 2104, was the Conjuring spinoff, Annabelle. We also made sure to note that it may or may not be the John Leonetti-directed film, and that we were working on confirmation.

We did the work for you gents and received official word from Warners that the untitled horror film is NOT the Annabelle movie. It’s something else, which we weren’t able to get details on.

Hopefully we’ll have something for you soon – and as always, keep to Bloody Disgusting for all official and confirmed news.



  • ThunderDragoon

    I know it’s unlikely, but I REALLY hope it’s FD6.

    • ChasingTheGhost

      I’m with you on that.

    • Count me in for another Final Destination film.

      Although, I think a big problem is so many people hated 4 (or The Final Destination), and from what I remember, #5 had a poor box office run, because 4 put a bad stigma on the franchise.

      But I LOVED Final Destination 5, because it was the perfect comeback film (2 was OKAY for me, and I didn’t have a big problem with 3) for the franchise, IMO.

      • djblack1313

        part 4 was such a fucking bad movie that i never thought the franchise could recover. i still can’t believe that they didn’t follow through (meaning they wussed out) with Haley Webb’s character being head stuck in the sun roof/car wash death scene. imagine how fucking nasty and awesome that death could have been (with her head/face being decimated by the hard car wash brushes)!!!.

        FD5 was actually VERY good! having a likable cast (Emma Bell is the definition of likable) and having the writers actually put effort into being clever/creative made that movie a very good flick.

        • “imagine how fucking nasty and awesome that death could have been (with her head/face being decimated by the hard car wash brushes)!!!”

          I never thought about that before, but damn, that would’ve been awesome!!!

          Seriously though, 4 was so horrible it almost destroyed my faith in the franchise, and you’re right, the writers for 5 actually put some effort into the story without relying on tired character cliches (a big problem in 4), and yeah, 4 had way too many unlikeable characters.

          It sucks one movie had to damn near (still hoping there’s a chance for 6! lol.) ruin everything, because we need a follow up after 5.

  • gishikin

    >in theaters October 3, 2104

    Well, they’ve got 90 years, so it just might be Annabelle

    • djblack1313

      @gishikin, LOL. good catch! 🙂

    • Taboo

      True haha

  • SaltSlasher

    So were getting Conjuring 2, and some other project that is virtually unknown, yet everyone already knows an Annebelle movie is suppose to be in the works…How is it not Annebelle?!? I mean why would they give bloody disguising the breaking news that it is Annabelle. I am still positive it isn’t something new we haven’t heard about, how would it be able to not surface by now?!?

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