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Cradle Of Filth To Release Remastered Edition Of ‘Total F*cking Darkness’

Extreme metal band Cradle Of Filth has announced that they will be releasing a remastered edition of their third demo Total F*cking Darkness, which was originally released over 20 years ago. The reissue will come as a gatefold double LP as well as a digipak CD via Mordgrimm this Spring.

Direct from the press release: “Given new life at Turan Studio in Oxford with the aid of engineer Tim Turan (who has worked on everything from Emperor to Thin Lizzy), Total F*cking Darkness commences with “Spattered In Faeces”, the only surviving track from the now mythical Goetia sessions, followed on Side A and the rest of Side B with the recordings from the Total F*cking Darkness demo. Side C offers up another previously unreleased hymn with “Devil Mayfair (Advocatus Diaboli)”, recorded in a rehearsal studio on Samhain 1992, followed by three more tracks from the same session, a further hint of the material that would have featured on the aborted Goetia album. Two short instrumental movements from former Cradle Of Filth keyboardist Ben Ryan are also included.”

Head below for the full track list as well as the cover artwork.

Total Fucking Darkness Track Listing:
Side A
1. Spattered In Faeces
2. The Black Goddess Rises
3. As Deep As Any Burial

Side B
1. Unbridled at Dusk
2. The Raping Of Faith
3. Fraternally Yours, 666

Side C
1. Devil Mayfair (Advocatus Diaboli)
2. The Black Goddess Rises
3. Seance And Mandrake (Instrumental)

Side D
1. The Raping Of Faith
2. Unbridled At Dusk
3. Hekate Enthroned (Instrumental)



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