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Mondo Releases Update Regarding ‘The Omen’ Vinyl Reissue

Mondo has come forward to say that a limited variant pressing of their upcoming The Omen reissue is suffering from audio problems and is therefore unsellable. They will be working with their pressing plant but will be delayed heavily due to the upcoming Record Store Day.

Direct from Mondo: “Limited to 800 copies, the “Striped” record quite simply has some audio issues that the others don’t, and we are currently getting it repressed to correct this. We don’t know when the repress will arrive, since most plants are bottlenecking due to Record Store Day. It could be a month or two at this point.

They continue, saying, “We just want to be as transparent as possible, so that when these variants do eventually go on sale you are aware that these aren’t from a second edition pressing. As with all of our records, these are one-time, limited edition pressings.

Below is the limited variant in question (which is just unbelievably beautiful).



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