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Go ‘Skinless’ In Cleveland This March!

Phantom Pain Films announced the midnight theatrical debut of Skinless, the newest micro-budget film from indie horror auteur Dustin Mills (The Puppet Monster Massacre, Bath Salt Zombies, Easter Casket) in Cleveland, March 8th 2014 at the Cedar Lee Theatre (2163 Lee Rd., Cleveland Heights, Ohio) and March 15th at the Capitol Theatre (1390 W. 65th St., Cleveland, OH).

Produced for only $2,000, Skinless follows brilliant oncologist Peter Peel as he discovers a possible cure for skin cancer in the belly of an exotic parasite. When he tests the cure on himself his world is shattered and a monster is born. Skinless is a sad tale of madness, murder, monsters, and love.

Writer/director Dustin Mills and cast members Brandon Salkil, Erin R. Ryan (Babysitter Massacre), Allison Fitzgerald, and Dave Parker (Adjust Your Tracking) will be in attendance at the Cedar Lee Theatre screening for an audience Q&A. Mills will be in attendance at the Capitol Theatre screening for a Q&A.

Skinless will be expanding to other venues throughout the country following its Cleveland premiere.



  • djblack1313

    meh….i’ll check it out but the acting looks horrible and many of the fx look cheap. maybe i’m wrong.

    • It really is a phenomenal movie, especially for having a budget of barely $2,000. I highly recommend it!

      • djblack1313

        Aaron, i’m in! 🙂

        • Did I change your mind that easily? lol

          • djblack1313

            Aaron, i love zany gory movies and i was on the fence about this one. so yeah, your comment/endorsement kinda convinced me! 🙂

  • xXFacelessXx

    This definitely looks like it’s worth checking out. Hopefully there will be more about a release date about the time Detroit gets to writhe in its apparent brutal looking goodness.

  • terrogore

    This looks WICKED, it reminds me a lot of the Incredible Melting Man!

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