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Slipknot To Start “Major Work” On New Album In March

Metal band Slipknot will be doing major work towards a new studio album in March, according to singer Corey Taylor. In an interview with Kerrang! (and excerpted by NME), the vocalist states that the band has 17 demos that they will be taking into the studio.

Taylor states, “I can say that, to me – and this is only my opinion – it’s a cross between ‘Iowa’ and ‘Volume 3…’, but that’s honestly just scratching the surface. I think the fans are going to be very, very excited when they hear this stuff.

He adds, “I’ve written lyrics for everything that we have right now and it’s feeling pretty good. It feels like the story of the band so far, which is a totally different take on what I’ve been used to writing with Slipknot, but I think because of everything we’ve been through, it’s time to tell that story. It’s going to be everything you want in a Slipknot album, and everything you wouldn’t expect.

Slipknot’s last album was 2008’s All Hope Is Gone, which hit number 1 in the Billboard 200. The band’s bassist, Paul Gray, passed away in 2010 from a drug overdose.



  • STRIK9

    Vol.3 is when they started falling off and doing those stupid tripped out acoustic songs. That was that weak ass stone sour influence starting to rear its head. Jordinson was the most metal dude in this band and now that he’s gone..”all hope is gone”. I hope I’m wrong.

  • violentdope

    Slipknot didn’t fall off when vol 3 dropped.vol 3 charted at number 2.Iowa charted at number 3 and all hope got number one spot.If anything they are getting bigger.I love their acoustic songs.Just shows how creative and talented they really are.Doesn’t always have to be pissed off and screaming all the time.Nice to change it up a bit.Honestly I thought vol 3 was their best album musically.Open up your mind to music.Cant wait for the new album!!Gonna be SIC.


    Agreed violentdope, I’ve been a huge fan since 2000 and Vol.3 is by far my favorite from them. I really hate that Joey is no longer a part of the band and I hope that someday he’ll return. But there’s no way to damper my excitement for this new album. A mix of Vol.3 and Iowa would be perfect

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