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‘The Birds’ Remake Soaring Once Again

I’m a huge Alfred Hitchckock fan, and as much as I love his 1963 The Birds, I have huge issues with it. My biggest problem is how the characters act like complete idiots (see below) – especially the scene where the school children leave their safe confines to run home to their parents, only to be pecked by raving birds.

Thus, a remake sounds like a good idea, if and only if they can find a way to create some sort of arc deeper than “a bunch of birds attack.” That’s not enough to make a movie entertaining.

Variety reports today new movement on the Michael Bay and his Platinum Dunes banner’s remake of the master of suspense’s classic film.

Platinum Dunes and Universal have tapped Dutch filmmaker Diederik Van Rooijen to direct the remake of Hitchcock’s The Birds.

The original plotline followed a San Francisco socialite who moves to a small northern California town that is suddenly under attack from various types of birds. Plot details for this pic are unknown at this time.

Bay will produce along with his Platinum Dunes producing partners Andrew Form and Brad Fuller with Peter Guber and David Zelon also producing through Mandalay Pictures.




  • SonOfVoorhees

    Why remake the film version of The Birds when you could just go back to the original story by Daphne Du Maurier? That way it will sound better than just another remake.

  • Evan3

    FUCK YOU PLATINUM DUNES! First you screw up NOES, now this. Ugh!

  • Ryan Dailey

    I love the idiots part

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