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[TV] New “True Blood” Casting Proves Writers Have Learned Nothing

Welp, this final season of HBO’s “True Blood” is for the dogs. Actually, I wouldn’t even feed it to my dog…

“True Blood” was one of my favorite new shows, at least until they stopped making it for me and attempted to gain the female demographic. Even my wife admits that she started to peak at the screen a bit more when the shirts started flying off…

Anyways, the show is for females only, and I hate that (only because it originally wasn’t). The latest casting is hilarious, too, proving they’ve learned nothing. Thankfully, the show dies before 2015.

“90210’s” Riley Smith has the honor of playing Keith, a sexy, rock ‘n’ roll vampire with a romantic side. Sigh. He’s drummer in James’ (Nathan Parson) band, and becomes smitten with Arlene (Carrie Preston) on first sight.

Nothing says hardcore vampire horror like a “smitten” rock ‘n’ roller. VOMIT.




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