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[TV] New “True Blood” Casting Proves Writers Have Learned Nothing

Welp, this final season of HBO’s “True Blood” is for the dogs. Actually, I wouldn’t even feed it to my dog…

“True Blood” was one of my favorite new shows, at least until they stopped making it for me and attempted to gain the female demographic. Even my wife admits that she started to peak at the screen a bit more when the shirts started flying off…

Anyways, the show is for females only, and I hate that (only because it originally wasn’t). The latest casting is hilarious, too, proving they’ve learned nothing. Thankfully, the show dies before 2015.

“90210’s” Riley Smith has the honor of playing Keith, a sexy, rock ‘n’ roll vampire with a romantic side. Sigh. He’s drummer in James’ (Nathan Parson) band, and becomes smitten with Arlene (Carrie Preston) on first sight.

Nothing says hardcore vampire horror like a “smitten” rock ‘n’ roller. VOMIT.



  • MrDisgusting

    Clarifying before everyone jumps down my throat… I don’t care if a show is solely for the female demo. What annoys me is that they baited males into “True Blood” and then changed the formula in hopes of catching the Twilight fans.

    • agreed

    • ProudtobeUndead

      The True Blood TV Show is based on “The Southern Vampire Mysteries” Which is a series of SUPERNATURAL ROMANCE novels. So I don’t know what you thought you were being ‘baited into’ but this show has always been ‘aimed at women’ since it came from a book series AIMED AT WOMEN.

      • I_chose_the_impossible

        lol that’s what I was thinking. True Blood has always focused on romance.

    • markemark

      I agree.
      Lost me during the second season and never really won me back.

  • mobstar67

    i agree that this show peaked fast in season two and held steady with the introduction of Russel Edgington in season three …season 4 didnt live up to the first three seasons and then the ship started sinking fast….i stopped paying attention with the “good” Eric with amnesia and Sookie lovefest…Its really unbearable too watch now…

  • BloodyBirthday

    Obviously you’re not being paid to promote this season of- True Blood.

    • rgold


  • macguffin54

    1) who gives a shit about the eye candy on the show?? Who watches a show soley for the pretty people?? Is that how you review shows/movies?
    2) why can’t the show have pretty girls AND pretty guys? Why are shows only “for guys” or only “for girls”?
    3) the show has 100 x more female nudity, especially full frontal, than male, so you’re just demented to think the show is suddenly for women (and thanks for all the gay men out there for thinking that attractive men only have appeal to women).
    4) Looking back, there is absolutely no indication that the first season (or even two) has significant female eye candy (no more than any other season) so not sure what show you are watching in your demented mind
    5) maybe you should watch the show again and not be so concerned (offended!) that other people in the audience are also being addressed.
    6) the whole “I can’t watch a show if it’s got attractive men” smacks of serious unresolved gay issues (note: you don’t even have to be gay, or bi-, to have unresolved gay issues), and/or serious immaturity
    7) you need help

    • weresmurf

      Absolutely. Sookies tits were practically characters of their own for a few seasons there.

    • djblack1313

      @macguffin54, excellent post!!

    • ThunderDragoon



      You know you’re not supposed to go full retard right? The show is fucking terrible. He’s not talking about solely the nudity/eye candy. This show HAS been directed towards the female demographic for the past few years now. What is wrong with someone saying that? The show isn’t bad because of the ratio of “pretty girls” to “pretty guys”. It’s bad and geared towards women because of the garbage romantic storylines they’re using to prey on the proposed gullibility of some women(the same goddamn thing that Twilight did), and then you have the male characters doing their best pensive raspy voiced Twilight impressions that should only appeal to overweight 17 year old goth chicks. Ask yourself this: If this show isn’t geared towards women why is it that every season has a brand new flock of attractive/topless males for the same three female characters to fawn over?

      • drmodem

        It’s an insensitive article which is massively flawed in that it dismisses a prevalent male fan-base who enjoy it, regardless of whether they are straight or not. It’s also pretty sexist. Oh, and it’s pretty offensive to call someone a “retard” for expressing their objections. Educate yourself before saying something so offensive in a public forum.

        • djblack1313

          @drmodem, very well said. i agree.

  • Raven1417

    It was unbelievably obvious that this show was twilight-fuelled crap with a higher rating to allow for blood and tits from the very first episode.

  • Kwonkicker

    Wow, just when I thought this asshat couldn’t get anymore ignorant. First his incessant and inane babbling on how much he despises The Walking Dead and now this.

    True Blood has a gratuitous amount of female nudity every episode. This is a show geared equally to both genders and you’re a complete moron for failing to see that. Even if it were solely geared to a targeted female demographic, does that in and of itself take away from the show?


  • huntermc

    Personally, I don’t think the problem with True Blood is that they’re blatantly pandering to a female audience. I think it’s just that when a once awesome show has been on for several seasons, the writers just run out of good ideas of what to do with the characters. Just like what happened on Dexter, and Weeds, and several other cable shows that started out as something great, but slowly fizzled out over the years. At least Breaking Bad knew when to wrap things up, rather then coming up with increasingly ridiculous situation for Walter to get out of, just to keep milking the ratings.

  • Ultrazilla

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t the book series this is based on have a primarily female readership? It’s always featured a female main character and dealt with romantic love triangles. Nothing has changed other than some viewers realizing there are more angles to the show than what’s found in their stereotypically male centered genres. Isn’t sexism fun?

  • woodchuck

    I think it goes for as many demographics as possible, I’m a straight dude and I’m still plenty entertained. Some scenes are obviously not geared toward me but most of the show is pretty bloody and the last couple seasons seemed to have a lot more action so I think it’s not correct to say it’s just for females

  • gabcorb

    The majority of film and television objectify women constantly, I think its refreshing that this show is objectifying men. If women can watch things that objectify their gender and not constantly complain don’t you think you can do the same?

  • rgold

    First day of all, HBO is know for gratuitous female nudity (G.O.T, anyone?) so I have no problem if this show tries to even that out a little bit for the ladies and gay gents. What I do have a problem with is shitty writing and storytelling. Somewhere along the way they turned this show into a second rate soap-opera. At first I kinda excused it, thinking that it was playing the satire card but it just kept getting worse and worse. With that being said, I still watch even if I shake my head once the credits role.

  • jetwhhs

    So you think they feminized True Blood? Someone have a gun to your head? Quit your bitching and quit watching if that chaps your ass. I don’t give a crap about your opinion. Nothing wrong if finally giving females some fantasy time. I enjoy the young male bods. It’s about time for it after women have shown their T’s and A’s for so long

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