Trailer for Victor Salva’s ‘Dark House’!

  • part6productions

    MESSAGE TO ALL: I’m not being a troll, but please don’t see or support this movie at all. Victor Salva is a disgusting, perverse, convicted child rapist. He has no place getting chances to create any longer. He raped a 12 year old boy ON THE SET OF ONE OF HIS FILMS. Letting this man continue to work is a disgrace. Pleas show him no support!

    • Frogger08

      Thanks for the heads-up, part6, but most people probably already know this about Salva. It’s no secret what he did, or what Polanski did, but they choose to support him anyway. Personally, I’ll be watching this film, simply because it looks good enough to watch. I don’t think buying the film “supports” him in any way, since no one needs money to molest children, and there’s no evidence he’s still doing it. I also don’t think watching the film necessarily condones his actions. Letting him be a babysitter or daycare teacher would.

      • part6productions

        I’d agree with you on that if he didn’t use a movie set as the place to victimize children. He barely served any time, and was heavily comforted by Coppola. He certainly doesn’t deserve to be given the opportunity to continue to make movies.

  • superchopper

    Bloody-disgusting hosts the premiere and next entry from convicted pedophile….

  • niahflame

    This movie looks awful anyways. Can’t believe Tobin would be in this, since the director is a well-known convicted pedo.

  • Pink

    It was a long time ago wasn`t it? He pleeded guilty and served his sentence. How about moving forewards folks. NOT saying that I support that fucking horrible thing he did…but when a man`s done his payment for his sins…maybe we as society should move on and give people a second chance. I`m pretty sure Salva regrets what he did back then.