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Fox News Anchor Mocks ‘Nevermind’ Developer On-Air

Erin Reynolds is a developer whose spent a large portion of her career in the games industry working on AAA titles. She recently made the move to indie development with Nevermind, an innovative concept for a horror game that would double as a tool for managing stress. The more stressed you become, the more difficult the game becomes. It’s a neat idea, and one that seems to go over this particular Fox News anchor’s head.

Because some people are awful human beings, things quickly go south in the developer’s recent interview in a Fox Business segment. In it, Reynolds tries her best to explain the idea behind the game and how its biofeedback mechanic works. She does a wonderful job of it, too — impressive seeing as this ridiculously unprofessional anchor mocks her the entire time.

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  • Sick_skwerl

    I hope that Slenderman rapes this guy.

  • chris99x

    He wasn’t as bad as I expected. He was rude near the middle but he also seemed interested in the idea and gave her kudos for being innovative (clearly this guy is not a gamer). She handled herself well. All in all wasn’t the worst interview I’ve seen with a gamer.

  • oneofthosedeadfckers

    To be fair, it’s a neat concept for a video game but really hasn’t shown enough gameplay to sell me on it. The anchor was kind of condescending, but he was right because she’s totally making this game to help people cope with stress *rolls eyes*. Personally I think it’s just another way to market the game(and not a very good one at that). Sell people on the horror aspect first, the stress management can be a side benefit.

  • Goliath-Slasher

    Stop crying about fox news. I dont want politically correct whiney bitching with my horror news. “awful human being”? Really? Thats what you are for brining random stupid anti foxnews rhetoric to a horror news site. What the hell does this have with anything but attacking any small thing you could find. Do your job the right way dude, post an actual freaking story. Stupid.

    • Ravinus

      Couldn’t agree more. Change your tampon Adam and start thinking for yourself, assuming that you have that ability.

  • Skull-And-Crossbones

    i don’t think it was that bad. i agree with oneofthosedeadfckers, trying to sell this game by saying it’ll help people cope with stress in real life is dumb IMO. can’t really blame the guy for calling her out on it but he could’ve done it in a slightly less “mockery” manner but he was still pretty lighthearted about the whole thing and showed interest.

  • weresmurf

    Eh, he wasn’t that bad. He started off doubting it, went into mocking it but then she pulled him back into being interested in it by offering logical explanations of their product, now he’s just skeptical, which is a good thing to be.

    It wasn’t the worst interview I’ve seen on fox by a long shot.

  • DrJohnMan

    The Fox news anchor was a dork, but he wasn’t “mocking” her.

    BD shouldn’t be a site for the emotionally sensitive.

  • dudesareawesome

    It wasn’t as bad as I thought, either. He cut her off a few times in a total dick head way, but Fox has been way worse. I am surprised at how many people here assume it’s disingenuous of her to say the game is meant to help people manage stress. Maybe that was the whole idea to begin with? Some people actually care about helping other people. I don’t know if the game will be any good or not, but it’s a fucking rad idea that seems to be coming from a good place.

  • undertaker78

    Fox is a joke, and not in a haha kind of way.

  • diapers

    I wonder why Erin accepted the interview offer in the first place? Fox’s demographic slants to the lower I.Q. geriatric set, not gamers.

  • drmodem

    Stuart Varney (@VarneyCo) behaved absolutely appallingly. I wonder if he would have behaved in such a way if he was interviewing a man? Disgusting behaviour.

  • ilgiallomondadori

    He’s kind of condescending in the middle, but her positioning the game as a way of controlling stress, as a kind of educational tool, is equally ridiculous.

  • Nurse Derpusheen

    … dick…

  • what a condescending idiot. kudos for the developer on an innovative game mechanic but also for keeping her composure.

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