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‘Cult County’ Developer Wants To “Disturb And Scare” You

With their next project, the Nintendo 3DS exclusive survival horror game Cult County, indie developer Renegade Kid aims to “disturb and scare the players” by not holding back in terms of mature content. This comes from a recent chat with Siliconera, where co-founder Jools Watsham shed a bit more light on the upcoming game.

Cult County was revealed at PAX East last year. It’s not due to release on the 3DS’s eShop until sometime in 2015.

This won’t be Renegade Kid’s first foray into our favorite genre. They also developed the Dementium series, as well as the atmospheric shooter, Moon.

According to Watsham, Cult County will be less like Moon and “more along the lines of Dementium but with a stronger emphasis on story and characters.” That sounds like my kind of game. Now I all I have to do is give in and buy a 3DS.

On a related note, we played through some of Dementium II HD, ported by Memetic Games, in our 13 Days of Horror series last October. It’s a neat, old school survival horror game, even if its “HD remaster” leaves a lot to be desired.

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