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[Exclusive] Fine Fine Titans “Dance Of The Omega” Music Video Premiere

Last week, Fine Fine Titans vocalist Jennifer Bartlett shared with us her Top 5 Women In Horror list. It’s a fantastic list as it named women that aren’t the standard, go-to, mainstream choices, such as Jamie Lee Curtis or Danielle Harris. It’s the list of a true horror fan, one who watches more than the famous titles and digs deeper into the underbelly of our beloved genre.

Now we get to see Jennifer as a representative of her own craft, a fierce frontwoman of a post-hardcore band that aims to grip you by the throat and make sure you don’t leave without some bruises that’ll require a lot of explanation the next day.

To that end, we’re bringing you the exclusive music video premiere of the band’s latest single “Dance Of The Omega”, which was edited, produced, and directed by Three Goats Moving Pictures. The video mixes performance footage with a strange, animal costume filled surreal journey. Give it a view down below and make sure to keep your eyes and ears open for their upcoming Omega EP!

Andy Westra (Production, Direction, Editing):
Fine Fine Titans have a musical style that is very visual, and they’re all energy on stage. Capturing these qualities made for an exciting shoot. One that we’re extremely proud of.

Ben Boggs (Production, Direction, Editing):
From inception to completion, this was one of the most entertaining videos to shoot. The band made the process fun and seamless, and we are now honored to call them our friends.

Fine Fine Titans:
The concept of this video was driven strictly by the lyrics…we wanted to portray a group of people who were physically taken hostage to represent the emotional damage caused by those who held power over them. The animal costumes helped to reflect on the core of the song and hide the faces of the individuals, thus making the characters more elusive.

Fine Fine Titans online:
Official Website

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