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[Exclusive] RPWL’s Kalle Wallner Shares His Top 5 Horror Movies!

If you haven’t checked out German progressive rock band RPWL, I highly recommend giving them a listen. They hearken back to the days of Pink Floyd, Kansas, Yes, etc… Y’know, that classic era of prog that is remembered so fondly?

The reason I reminisce so much is because it feels like guitarist Kalle Wallner took that feeling I get from RPWL and created a Top 5 Horror Movies list from it. The films he’s chosen are throwbacks to some of the great classics, movies that inspired and influenced countless others that followed them. For those of you who are fans of older horror, this is the perfect list for you! Check it out below.

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When I was a kid I was very scared of spiders. On evening I was watching TV alone and I zapped through the TV stations. Suddenly there was this huge spider on the screen and I was horrified. Of course ridiculous but I will never forget this moment.

Nosferatu the Vampyire
I’ve been a big fan of the German actor Klaus Kinski for years. This movie is funny in a way but Kinski is doing such a great job. Awesome!

The Raven
“Quoth the raven: Nevermore.” What a quote… an Vincent Price is amazing!

Pit And The Pendulum
Another film with Vincent Price. It’s a brilliant story that does’nt need all those modern effects. Just a story.

Frankenstein (1931)
For me Boris Karloff was the best of all the Frankenstein’s monsters. You never forget his face and his typical gestures.

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